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Michelle Beauclair is a freelance writer specializing in medical, financial technology, artificial intelligence, and oil and gas content. Contact her at M@beauclairmedia.com or Beau Clair Media

Articles Written by Michelle Beauclair

Helpful Tips for Efficient Virtual Appointments

Post-COVID, telemedicine is here to stay, so how can spine specialists make the most of it? Get tips from our expert.

Could Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Help Heal Your Spine?

Usually used for decompression sickness, hyperbaric oxygen therapy may help accelerate wound healing after spine surgery and may even have a place in treating spinal cord injuries. Learn more about this as-yet-unproven but promising treatment.

6 Spine-Healthy Habits Remote Workers and Students Should Build

Remote work or school might save you some time and aggravation (no more fighting traffic, hooray!), but if you’re not careful you could be setting yourself up for back pain. Our expert has six tips for a spine-friendly WFH experience.

Neuroplasty: Your Questions, Answered

Neuroplasty is an intimidating-sounding name for a minimally invasive procedure that can bring back pain relief for two years or more. Find out what neuroplasty is, and if you’re a candidate.

7 Lower Back Pain Causes That Affect Women

Lower back pain in females can stem from a woman’s reproductive anatomy or her spinal anatomy. Learn what can cause lower back pain in women that men may not have to worry as much—or at all—about.

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