Bone Growth Stimulation After Neck or Back Spinal Fusion

Bone growth stimulation is not a new concept—variations of the technology have been around since the 1950s. Advanced devices help many patients heal better after spinal fusion.

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Why may I need a bone growth stimulator?

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You may need a bone growth stimulator to help your spine completely heal after a spinal fusion procedure in your back or neck.

Some spine surgical procedures involve removal of an intervertebral disc, part of a vertebral body, or other bony element. After that part of the surgery, your surgeon may need to use instrumentation, such as insertion of a device or other implant (eg, rods, screws, interbody device) to stabilize your spine.

Along with the instrumentation, your own bone (autograft) and/or allograft (donor bone), biologic substances (eg, bone morphogenetic protein), or other bone graft material is packed into and around the implant(s) in the surgical site. The purpose of bone graft is to stimulate your body’s natural ability to produce new bone to help the spine heal. Ideally, new bone grows quickly and heals the spine into solid bone.

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