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I'm new here. Chronic Lyme Disease and so much more!

Started by Sharon LaCouture on 05/29/2012 7:16am

My name is Sharon, I will be 53 yrs. old in a few more weeks. I live on Cape Cod in Massachusetts.
I have chronic Lyme Disease with anaplasmosis [formerly known as erhlichiosis] and babesios. I was infected nearly 20 years ago and my life has been a constant struggle since that time. I have had one health care crisis after another including surgeries and cancer.[I have no immune system to speak of]

A few months ago I complained to my Dr. of left shoulder pain. he ordered x-rays which showed nothing at all, I was mildly surprised that it didn't show the osteoarthritis that had taken over most of the rest of my body. [It is Lyme arthritis as far as I am concerned]
The pain continued and spread to my bicep, elbow, wrist and hand and radiated into my neck. I have complained so many times over the years about neck pain, from between my shoulder blades up to my skull. Usually I was treated with chiropractic and headache meds, once in a while a muscle relaxer would help.

My Dr. ordered an MRI last week of my neck and left shoulder. I was caught off guard by the results...
Severe cervical stenosis with myelopathy and SUPER ostearthritis in my shoulder. My C2, C3, C4 and C5 vertebrae are affected.
I got a call on the Saturday of memorial Day weekend from a local neurosurgeon who says I need surgery immediately. I said "No"
He told me I could be paralyzed without the surgery... I said "I could be paralyzed WITH the surgery!"
I will see him later today and patiently listen to what he has to say.

In Jan 2010 I had a double total knee replacement [Yes! both knees at once] it's the most difficult thing I have ever had to endure and I have had 2 c-sections AND cancer surgery/treatment. I thought I was home free and on a path to happiness and no pain for the rest of my life, well... that was short-lived.

I am very upset. I am depressed. I am in pain all the time AGAIN! Because I was infected by a bug smaller than a poppy seed 20 years ago. This will never end.

I really do NOT want the surgery [I want NO surgery of any kind]
I would like to know what my other options are and hear from people who have tried different methods to relieve their daily pain and discomfort.

thank you for any help you can offer me


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