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disc protrusion in L4/L5 - for 4 years! surgery or chiro/rehab?

Started by dudeitsg on 07/26/2014 8:39am


I've had disc protrusion in L4/L5 for over 4 years now. In the last 4 years ive tried everything from chir/physio/accupuncture/yoga etc. I can contain the pain at times but i cant eradicate it. Everytime i go out at night till late or exert myself or play with kids my back is done - i'm a male, aged - 30, married. I can't be living with pain and no sports and wishing things could get better. Meanwhile, i made up my mind to go for microdiscectomy this week however after consultation with a few family and friends they told me to try one last ditch effort at chiro & rehab program to see if i can strengthen my back and alleviate the pain. their say is, regardless i will strengthen my back, loosen my joints which should help with the surgery. my questions are straightforward:

1. has anyone been in this same position debating surgery or not? what did you do and if you look back what would you recommend?

2. surgery or chiro/rehab?


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I really feel your pain ! about 10 years ago I had exactly the same symptoms you describe, I'm now 42 , and wish I'd gone for surgery when I was advised. Im in such pain right now honestly dont leave it too late, I'm trying to get an operation done by NHS but wait is unbearable . Happy to discuss more