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Spine probles

Started by maureen davis on 09/27/2014 10:38am

My dr.. finilly send me for x-rays l was in a acident in 1999 and had alot of truma to my lower back. l just found out that l have scoliosis, osteoprosis, calcium buildup, rheumatoid artrited and spine spheres l,m on medication but the pain is still their he told me because of my age 51 that l will have pain for the rest of my life and to keep busy and their was nothing he could do l need help.

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Don't believe him. Go to a spine specialist. A GP can't tell you what can be done to help you. If a spine specialist said this to you need to go to another and don't stop until you have found someone who treats your pain. If anyone suggest surgery, don't do it unless they tell you that it's an emergency. Go see someone else. Doctors are not Gods and some think they can go in and everything will be fixed. Surgery should be the last resort. Keeping busy isn't an answer, helping you is. There are better drugs that can make most of the pain lessen, there's physical therapy, meditation and blocks. If you feel uncomfortable with a doctor, leave. You don't owe anything (as in loyalty not money) to any doctor no matter how "nice" they seem. Please, don't just give up. There is help out there!!!