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Chronic Pain

Started by painfreedream on 12/12/2018 2:00pm

I was diagnosed with advanced degenerative disease 5 years ago. For a year I tried epidural shots, PT, acupuncture, dry needling, exercise and unfortunately nothing worked. One year later I had bi-level fusion on L4,L5 and S1, spinal fracture repair and to my surprise spinal bifida was discovered during my surgery.

Six months post-opt i experienced severe pain doctor told me to wait six months and I would be thanking him and sent me home with an anxiety medication (that wasn't the problem) Fast forward six months, X-ray and MRI were performed and imaging revealed a screw was loose in rod between L5, S1 and was tapping on the nerve.

Four years later my pain continues to increase and, since surgery became worst.. I regret ever doing the surgery, worst decision of my life. I can't work due to pain, I have difficultly sitting, sleeping, walking and now I have butt pain, leg and foot pain. Also, doctor discover a new problem, now scoliosis in my upper spine pressing on my lung. I was told the problem if fixed surgically would be high risk .

I avoid taking pain killers for the fear of addiction however, this has caused depression due to pain intensity.

Please can someone provide advice.

Thank you,
Pain Free Dream

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Hi, Pain Free Dream--thank you for sharing your journey with chronic pain with us. We are so sorry to read what you've been through.

Chronic pain is complex, and so there are a myriad of treatments that you may consider trying. Our Chronic Pain Center ( Chronic Pain Center ) has a list of treatments that may be worth looking into (if you scroll down the page, they are listed in the navigation bar on the left side of the page).

Also, you mentioned that you were recently diagnosed with scoliosis but surgery isn't a strong option. That made us think of this article we recently published--perhaps exploring this treatment could help: ( The Schroth Method: A 3-Dimensional Treatment for Adolescent and Adult Scoliosis ).

We know we aren't answering most of your questions, but we want you to know that we believe there is something out there that can help. We hope this information helps lead you to a therapy that will help ease your pain, and we wish you all the very best.