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Scoliosis surgery

Started by AshleySwoape on 01/10/2019 1:11pm

I'm 33 and have been in pain for most of my life but it was always not so bad you know able to live with it but now for the past 6 year it has worsen to the point I would take tylenol and ibuprofen all the time then painkillers not I'm on lyrica which isnt really doing the trick I was told by Dr Dupowell at Campbell brain and spine that I need the surgery I have looked everywhere online for peoples surgery stories my age to see if they regret getting it. I'm a mother of 3 in my head I think who will take care of my children while I'm down the way i do who will make sure they get to all their activities after school and on the weekends so much goes through my mind. I've read a few stories on here saying that the surgery helped for a few year the after they needed 2 or 3 more surgeries. I feel as if no one really understands the pain I'm in. I've been a hard worker since I was 16 and 2013 was the last year I really worked 2016 i tried to go back just doing house keeping at a hotel but could hardly do that. Everyday is different I cant stand or sit very long or my back and ribs start to hurt I get pain down my arms. I just dont know what to do I dont want to feel like a failure I feel so lost sometimes. Anyways i had a brace as a child but my scoliosis was found late and it did not help i feel in my ribs that my spine is getting worse like I said a dr told me I need the surgery but is it even worth it is there any natural way to go about this should I try a chiropractor? Any advice?

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