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Cannot figure out this pain. 6 doctors down

Started by Mlynne182 on 03/11/2019 2:28pm

Ive had pain for 10 years or so. I am 29 years old now.
I didnt have an accident or anything.
It just started while doing a physical job. So maybe thats how it started.

But after having my second child [2 c - sections]my pain got very severe. I also had my thyroid taken out due to it being the size of a grapefruit and blocking my airways. This was about 2 months after having my second child.
My pain is so severe I have to be on narcotics or I cant do everyday activites. It is in my buttocks area and my low back. I have a stiff neck when i wake up too. If i push the back of my head down, i get a severe pain that goes down my spine too. I also have pain on the outer parts of my thighs. It hurts to touch my thighs.
Things the doctors have done:
X rays
Physical therapy , [water, land]
Narcotics and many many many different Nsaids and other medications [my goal is to try to eliminate my pain pills i hate them.]
Chiropractic care for a year
Massages regularly
Holistic approaches such as reflexology and floating
Osteopathic manipulation
Yoga and stretching
Light exercise
I cannot afford massages and acunpuncture as much as I would like to try it. I have no income of my own unforunately I cant work and I am on state insurance.
I have went through 3 mattresses as well thinking maybe thats the cause. Ive adjusted my sleep positions too.
I weight 160 so I am 20 lbs overweight that I cannot lose due to thyroid loss I guess and not being able to do tons of exercise even though I eat all organic and clean.

I have done all of the above. I also eat an organic diet without any processed food or drink soda or any of that. I take vitamins and I take tumeric, ashwaghanda, and a few other supplements.

My diagnoses are slight disc herniation L4-L5
Spinal stenosis
Degenerative disc disease
They state i dont have nerve pinches anywhere per my recent mri

Does anyone have or know of anyone similar to me? I am taking a holistic approach as well as modern medicine. It has taken its toll. I cant work and I cant play with my kids. I just want relief. I want a normal life.
I have tried meditation and to convince myself its all in my head.

My next step in modern medicine is a possible spinal cord stimulator. He says i am not a candidate for back surgery or fusions etc.
Why is my body telling my brain theres a very serious injury? I am at my end.

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I forgot to add ive had 3 different injections into various points in the spine


If anyone can give any helpful insight Itd be so appreciated.


It looks like that Spinal Stenosis forces you to tap out when you play outside your limitations. Those injections have very serious side effects and are NOT FDA approved to treat back issues. You might need to start working with an experienced physical therapist that can help you learn to communicate with your body in order to narrow down with certainty what triggers your issues and help plan a road to recovery or a best life possible within your physical limitations. You need to listen to your body when it is telling you that it is time to either sit, stand, walk, or drop and stretch because it will let you have it when you ignore it. At 160lbs you can even get one of those cheap collapsable walking canes off of Amazon and open it up as soon as you start to feel your back caving in around your stenosis. Another good investment is a good foam pillow for your legs to keep you from accidentally sleeping on your stomach which will make it so that you cant even make it to the bathroom in the morning. Spinal Stenosis is a legitimate disability that can be managed through training and accepting your limitations. On those days when you feel near normal you need to be walking with sitting breaks every 5-10 minutes to let that faulty spring you call a spine stretch back out and then walk some more. If you do things right you can still have great quality of life, only with more sitting breaks than the average person. Oh, and climbing steps, just visualize what those movements are doing to the area around your stenosis. I avoid steps as much as possible because it is the one area where I lose all control of how my spine treats the affected areas and pretty much works out to the results from sleeping on my stomach. Don't let this stop you from taking your kids out to the park, movies, museums, etc.. Staying at home everyday will only make it so that many other parts of your health start falling apart. Try to find employment that will accommodate your limitations and allow you to sit, stand, walk as needed or take a community college class or two, just get out of the house as much as possible for your overall health and for your kids sake too.


Have they mentioned sacroiliac joint issues? I'm dealing with the same areas of pain. I've had several si joint injections,both sides, and a caudal injection"Ouch" with no help. I got the spinal cord stimulator last November. I was getting 50% relief until my paddle lead shifted so far to the right that I get no relief on the left side at all. They are going back in and remove more bone and re position the lead. 50% is a great improvement to me as I had 3 previous bag surgeries before the SCS. Best wishes.