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Started by Sondrab on 03/31/2019 7:37am

I had to have emergency lumbar fusion done in Feb. 2013. I woke up one day and fell to the floor and couldn't crawl wiggle move at all and I was in severe pain. My step dad helped me up and we scooted in the livingroom one scoot at a time and called for an ambulance. They took me to the emergency at the hospital where they did a MRI on me to find that everything between my L4 and L5 was severed and I had one thread of a nerve left dangling there and if it would had severed to I would had been paralyzed for life so they transported me by ambulance to a bigger hospital where I was to meet a neroligist specialist there to explain everything to me. That's when he told me I had no choice but to have this lumbar fusion done. Sense it was late at night by this time we scheduled surgery for not the next morning but the next after that. I spent 10 days in the hospital 1 year recovering and I am still in severe pain from it and was told by 2 physical therapist I will always be in pain no matter what and my neroligist just told me about 4 months ago the same thing. Well 3 months ago my primary Dr decided I needed to go to pain management to see about fixing my pain and stopping my 3 Norco 1 10's a day for good. I explained to him to call my neroligist but he didn't. So i went to pain management and was told i have severe damage to my back and another bulging disc and eventually i will need surgery again which my neroligist seen the same MRI and told me it wasn't bad enough for surgery. So they started giving me shots in my back and my neck because i have a bulging disk in my neck to. They did nothing for me. Due to problems getting ahold of somebody to talk to to schedule apts for my norcos i had to have my primary dr give me my last pain prescription because pain management could care less if i went with out them. Now due to scheduling errors on there part they are telling me I can't see them until I pay a 100.00 deposit to schedule an appointment . When I explained to them this isn't fair because I'm on SSI and limited income I can't afford to pay that and it wasn't all my fault for there errors and not being able to ever talk to a live person let alone a call back after leaving several voicemails then they exspected me to come in in about 12 hours notice but I could not find a ride so scheduled another apt but found out on a Friday my step dad had an apt the same date and time so I called first thing Monday morning and my apt was Thursday that week left a message I couldn't make that date I needed to reschedule so that's why they want a 100.00 deposit which is not fair to me when I gave them 4 days notice I needed to change that apt. There's nothing more they can do for me sense the shots did not work so why can't my primary Dr continue to give me my 3 norco 10s a day being that's all pain management is going to do but I'm having nothing but problems with them. I'm so upset over this whole thing I've been in tears over this several times. My primary Dr insists on me going to pain management after 4 years of giving me the same meds and I've never asked him for more and I take them as directed and don't abuse them so can somebody please tell me why I'm being treated like this over norcos only it's not morphine its norcos this is ridiculous and because I can't afford to pay 100.00 I won't be able to even get my norco 10s when my severe pain wakes me up every day so does anybody recommend anything because I'm so upset over this unfair treatment I'm getting from my primary Dr and pain management. I know if I go to another dr they won't give me no pain meds because of this pain medicine BS.. Not everybody takes them for pleasure some of us really need them for legit pain but the drs are all treating us like we are all criminals. What should I do. I thought about calling my insurance carrier to report both my Dr and pain management but that might make it worse on me so I'm open for any suggestions please.

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