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Neck disc Bulge , nerve root

Started by Katrina22 on 05/10/2019 5:50pm

Hi everybody I’m wanting some advice on my neck Injury I have a C5C6 level moderate left posterolateral disk protrus it is narrowing Entry zone into the left intervertebral foramen it’s displacing and compressing on the C6 nerve root Causing mild Canal stenosis there’s only very minimal bulging and Osteophytes at this site .. I’m looking for someone who has the same problems as myself as I’m wanting to know their symptoms and their concerns and what has helped for them I’m currently waiting to do surgery to replace my disc I’m going to have a fusion or a disc replacement so it doesn’t collapse on my nerves which has currently happen and I am experiencing severe pain in my shoulder neck and fingers and I would love someone else to share their story .....

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