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Missing the point...

Started by Black Tom on 10/02/2017 5:20pm

I feel each and everyone of you, ive read almost every part of each of your stories and again,i feel for every one of you.There not much sense in posting my story as it is almost exactly the same as all of yours.But ladies, and gentelmen,We are Missing The Point here. As a whole group or in small groups, however,we need to band together today,not tommorow,today. And get attorney with enough cahonies to stand up to our doctors and to our government and take our case to the highest court in our land. Why should a doctor,nurse,ect,or any,i mean any other human being be able to tell you or me what and how much of any substance we feel we need to put in our own bodies,our own choice to relieve the pain and 24 hour suffering each of us have. WHY IS IT EVEN THIER BUISNESS??? WHAT DOES MY PAIN MEDICATION AFTER 11 HAVE TO TO WITH 1 SINGLE DRUG OVERDOSE??? NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. So why are these doctors, pharmacist,nurses,insurance co.ect getting the right to take Our human rights from us.This is discrimination if I've ever seen it.Its a violation of our human rights, and flat at wrong. Who should be given the right to say 2 eaqually in pain patients ,where 1 can get the medicine for his or her suffering,but this man over here i don't think he needs medicine for his pain. Who the hell should even have that right except for you and I to determine what we need to control our own pain. That nurse doesnt live in your shoes,nor does your doctor,and damn sure the DEA don't wake up with my back pain and crying to walk to the bathroom. So, MY PROPOSOAL IS THIS.IM TRYING TO HIRE A ATTORNEY WILLING TO FIGHT FOR OUR RIGHTS. BUT I NEED ALL YOUR HELP.I WILL DO THE LEG WORK. IM DISABLED FOR LIFE AND I GOT THE TIME, ATLEAST TO IM FORCED TO A WHEELCHAIR. SO I DON'T HAVE ALOT OF TIME. MY CELL NO.IS 330-361-0024 PLEASE TEXT ME ASAP WITH ANY INFORMATION YOU THINK HELPFUL. IF I CAN TALK, I'LL AWNSER,IF NOT LEAVE ME MESSAGES, OR TEXT. I'LL DO MY BEST TO GET BACK TO YOU. I LIVE IN THE YOUNGSTOWN OHIO AREA,ITS 1 IF THE WORST HIT AREAS OF THE DRUP EPIDEMIC.IF YOU NO LAWERS IN MY AREA,BETWEEN CLEVELAND OHIO AND PITTSBURGH PENNSYLVANIA ,PLEASE TEXT ME THE CONTACT INFO. I'M DEAD SERIOUS HERE. I AS FED UP WITH BEING DISCRIMINATED AGAINST,ITS MY BODY MY LIFE IM NOT HURTING ANYONE ELSE, I JUST WANT TO CONTROL MY PAIN THE BEST I CAN SO WHILE I CAN STILL WALK TO SPEND TIME WITH MY DAUGHTER. GET TO WALK AND PLAY A LITTLE WITH MY 5 OLD GRANDSON. TO BE ALBE TO GO TO BATHROOM WITH OUT CRYING TEARS OF PAIN. TO LYE IN BED AND SLEEP INSTEAD OF CRY IN PAIN. I'M READY,are all of you??????i gave you my number, you can find me on facebook under facebook.com/superglyde68 or facebook.com/Tomdanks ... let's get us all togerther now and fight back for our rights. I'll be looking forward to all your help.steer me in the direction i need to take and I'll take. If you find me a attorney willing to hear our case,I'll meet with him his or her first opening appt... Thank you all...Black Tom....

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Black Tom, we are sorry to read about the immense chronic pain you've experienced over the years. We would like to share a resource that our sister site Practical Pain Management recently released. It's called The Smart Patient's Guide to Chronic Pain Management: https://www.practicalpainmanagement.com/... .

At the very least, we hope this guide provides some additional information on opioids and chronic pain.

Thank you for sharing your story, and we wish you all the very best.


I've suffered with severe low back pain for many years, fusions,herniated discs. We all know our bodies and the risk with a medication just as we know the risks of any medical procedures. Just like medical procedures (fusions, disectomies etc. we know the risks! it's got to a point where government is so involved in my healthcare, that how is this not only constitutionally wrong but morally and ethically but the last two they don't care about. Listen the only way this get fixed is exactly that. We need a person and many people to come forward that has fame and fortune and is well known along with everyone that is over the suffering and willing to take there own lives because they can't fight anymore. So before anymore lives are lost or people spend there days bedbound with little to know ability to take care of themselves before we loose all of the things that go with that and those suffering know all to well about what we've lost and what's at stake. I'm praying and asking any lawyers or doctors or people that just have ability to help in meaningful ways, to please for my kids sake.( the ones I don't see bc of my condition) help us all get together and begin the painful process of fighting for what's right and for humanity. I have lost it all do to my back and I know many out there have many conditions that require opioids to control pain. If we don't stand up now, just think if it were to get worse. I don't know what little old me can do but I know I'm done with the tears and losing anything else bc I still have my kids and god know I would never wish for my kids to live in a world where they feel they have to end there lives do to lack of pain control. I've always said is a good drug is a drugs benefits out way the risks and opioids have a great purpose for some people. PLEASE I'm begging you of those that can make a difference and you know if your that person to help us. Almost 1/3 of this country is in some sort of pain let us be the judge of our own situation bc if we let government win this battle where will it stop also please vote for those congressmen who will at least listen if that's even possible anymore. Thanks god bless America and all who live in it


I would also like to fight for our constitutional rights as far as chronic pain medication patients should have! Please contact me at dianemorrow2016@gmail.com
I already have one other person from Spine Universe. I think that the pharmaceutical companies would be behind us and would want us to be allowed to purchase our normal dosage instead of minimal dosages. They invented these drugs for good cause, and not to be used as a byways into abusing heroin!
I think that this would make one hell of a great class action lawsuit! Please contact me!