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I been layed off and need to know what I can do to fix my back

Started by blaze2008 on 04/06/2010 12:56pm

I need some really good help and was hoping someone could lead me in some type of way to fix my back. This is the most worst back pain I ever had bc I cant even sit or lay down for no more that a min with out having pain of 8 on a scale 1 to 10.I been having this back pain for almost two months and finally found some cyclobenzaprine that I used before for back injury but it wasn't enough bc I am still having problems of doing light work around the house. I been receiving unemployment but its only paying the house bill and leaving me with nothing to put gas in my car. Now my bank saving is empty bc of having to pay other bills and gas to find another job. I did have insurance but due to lack of work at my last job layed me off. I was told that I can still go to the doctor with no job or money but I am afraid if I do go and end up with a job later on that haves insurance that they wont cover it bc it's preexisting. Is that true and what should I do?

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