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New to the forum and a long intro :-)

Started by Superduck on 09/06/2010 4:02pm

Hi everyone...
I am searching the web much more these days (thanks to my pain) and am joining support groups and forums to educate myself and offer/receive support.

My current MRI from 8/10:
Findings by level:
L3-4 Broad based disc bulge with paracentral focal protrusion with facet osteophytes result in a severe canal stenosis. There is a medically projecting synovium bilaterally of approximately 8 mm. There are mild to moderate bilateral foraminal stenoses.
L4-5 Broad based disc bulge with facet osteophytes result in a severe canal stenosis. There is a medially projecting synovium bilaterally at this level as well bilaterally measuring approximately 5 mm. There are mild bilateral formainal stenoses.
L5-S1 Broad based dsic bulge with facet osteophytes result in a mild canal stenosis. There are mild to moderate bilateral formainal stenoses.
1. L3-4 Severe canal stenosis with moderate bilateral foraminal stenoses.
2. L4-5 Severe canal stenosis. Please see comments above

First acute back issue, twisted body, unable to ambulate and hospitalized in 50 lbs of traction at age 15. First medications as well, Hydrocodene and Cyclobenzaprine (flexeril). Several acute episodes each year and many, many visits to my MD. PT as well.
After 2 completed pregnancies at age 20 and 21, more acute episodes which were longer and more severe in duration. More MD visits, continued pain relief medications PRN and another round of PT at age 25.
I work at a desk job, have for many years. Three years ago, my back went out in another acute episode. When I am acute, my entire body twists up. I lean almost 90 degrees over, my legs are significantly bent, my left hip juts far over and up and I cannot move without assitance. Usually, my back would go out and I would go to bed for a few days and be able to get up and slowly heal to "normal"...not this time. My back was out for over a month, I almost lost my job. Since then, I have been in daily, chronic pain including hips, thighs, sciatica, low back and far more tired easily, inability to just roll over in bed and inability to walk without leaning over on the shopping cart or my walker...I was ok around the office and the home unless suffering from an acute attack.
On May 17 of this year, another acute episdoe and I have not recovered. The daily pain is very challenging. I am using a cane or walker 24/7, even around my home. I don't go anywhere but work and that is extremely difficult and painful. If I have to go out or attempt to go out, I have to use a store scooter. If the store does not have one available, I sit in the car. I don't walk to the mail box even because of the pain. I feel weak in my legs, particularly the left and I have fallen a few times. I have burning and aching pain in my thighs, again particularly the left and terrible spasms/shooting pain on the tops of both feet and in my toes on both feet. I have all day spasms in my low back and pain across my hips and the sides/tops of both hips ache very badly. I take daily muscle relaxers and pain killers which I absolutely hate.
I have been to the PT again and worked everything he told me to...I am no longer going as he did not feel that I was going to improve due to my limited mobility and high pain...but he was very nice and complimentary that I was completely compliant with all activities :-) , I have seen the neurosurgeon who wanted to preform a Foraminotomy and Laminectomy? but only to releive the pain and he stated that it would not fix the problem. He also felt it was very likely that, due to the condition and length of time, I would mostly likey have following surgeries to stabilize my spine. I am starting with a PMD (pain management doctor) soon as my PHP would like someone more specialized to deal with ongoing chronic pain meds...which I respect and understand...but I hate to have to go one more place and explain my story one more time and deal with someone who may treat me like a drug seeking whiny ass.
Over the years, I have tried heat/ice; massage; yoga; swimming; NSAIDS; TENS Unit; opiates; PT and support belts. Now, the only things that feel ok, not great, but ok is to lay down or be in the hot tub.
Currently I am 36, I have two teenagers and I am still working. I am trying to remain positive and become more educated. I am still doing my PT exercises and I am hoping and praying to stay positive and maintain a sense of self.
Anyway, thank you all for reading my opus and I look forward to getting to know each of you.

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I can totally understand your pain and where you're coming from. When I had my own back injury 3 years ago, I was only 18 then. I felt very frustrated and annoyed with the pain my body was going through, especially at such a young age. My doctor sent me for physiotherapy sessions and asked me to wear a corset-like back brace to provide extra back support. I found a really good website that sells a wide array of back braces and supports. they even have products that can help with your SI joint condition. I bought my back brace from this websitehttp://www.braceability.com/back-braces-back-supports-lumbar-belts-lumbar-supports

I hope this helps and that you find relief from your back condition.




I have several foot issues (bunions, hammertoe, pronation, and neuroma) and it is hard to find a shoe that I can walk in all day. Well, finally I did! I have Orthofeet's grey and red pair and they look and feel terrific and have great arch support. Will definitely look in to purchasing another pair.


Hey Guys,

Just wanted to share a personal story too..

I started suffering with lower back pain about a year ago. I did a bit of research and decided that I need to do more core work. But it has now got to the point that when I get off my bike I struggle to stand up straight because I feel so stiff.

I changed my bike frame to a bigger one a few months back as a result of my old one being too small, but this has not helped the situation.

The lower back always play me up as well if I have to stand up for a period of time. For example in a queue.

Now I feel that I should go and see someone as it really starting to nag now.

Just wondered whether anyone has had the same and been to see someone and seen any improvements