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Fired from work, can't find help.

Started by NeoGriim on 10/02/2010 1:22am

Hello everyone, first time poster on the site.

About 2 months ago I hurt myself improperly lifting weights at work, I reported it right away and I'm on workmans compensation. I was seeing a doctor who tried physical therapy and a bunch of ibuprofen variants to try to make it go away however only made it worse (lowering my work restrictions at the same time). Finally, they transfered me to a new doctor, however right before I went to this doctor (an orthopedic physiatrist I think is his official profession) they sent me a letter saying they're denying my claim. Thinking "oh god, I'm gonna have to pay for this appointment if I go" I canceled this appointment and it took me two weeks to get in contact with the workers compensation insurance people for them to tell me that I was still being covered and the letter I recieved was telling me that they CAN deny it.

Sorry it's so long, please bear with me.

So, I schedule a new appointment for a good 3-4 weeks after that and my back pain is steadily getting worse, I was having to leave early (which each time counts as an inexcused absence) and finally just stop going to work, calling out, because I can call out 3 nights in a row with it being only 1 inexcused absence. Finally the doctors appointment comes around, and he throws in the restriction that I can only work half a night, which means I can go back and make money without having to worried about being fired. I have them fax it and the next day, before I go into work, they call and terminate me.

*huff huff* Gotta catch my breath.

The doctor scheduled an MRI, and i have the results but won't be able to turn them in until the 12th for the orthopedic to look at. I have no job, workers compensation is saying it's an unemployment issue, while unemployment is saying it's a workmans compensation issue and I'm going to lose power if I don't get paid soon.

I'm stuck and don't know what to do, I'm trying to find a local job on the bus route that doesn't involve too much standing and absolutely no bending or lifting. But I'm sure if you're reading this, you probably know how hard that is, escpecially in this economy.

Please, can anyone provide any help whatsoever? Advice on a medication that might work for the pain would be great, something I can suggest to my doctor because they keep giving me different types of NSAIDS which aren't working at all. I may have stressed my personal life a lot in this, however I'm in constant pain now on a average scale of 5. My knee's buckle under me when I walk for more than 10 minutes and it's keeping me up all night. Ice doesn't even numb it anymore.

Once again, thank you for reading, any help would be great.

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it sounds like your former employer mistreated you. i would get a workmens comp lawyer to fight this. based on your mri you may not be able to do any lifting. i think you should be getting benefits. unfortunately workmens comp just wants to keep their costs down at the expense of the worker who is injured. .....pete


Thank for replying Pete,

I'm going to get legal aid here in the next couple of days but I'm afraid they can't do too much without the doctors reading on my MRI. I've contacted the workers compensation commission and they're sending some forms to me to fill out to try to get my job back, however that's not what I'm looking for. I was teased at work for not being able to stand all the time, the kept asking "How do I screw over walmart like you are doing" accusing me of faking my injury. I discussed with management on three layers about it and they didn't stop it and it's even gotten to the point where i have dreams about them teasing me and then taking just about everything away from me. What I want is money back from the time I had to call out, a source of income until my back is 100% better from them (until I can find another job at least) and possibly ramification for all the teasing they've done to me.

Thanks for replying again and I could definitely use more help on every angle of this. I'm becoming extremely stressed and I can't even afford cigarettes anymore.


You do need to get a workman's comp attorney, but not to be depressing, it can be a very long battle. I have been fighting my case for over 1 year. My neurosurgeon told me I need to decide between quality of life (pain) or income. If I don't work, we lose everything. I have been a dental hygienist for 17 years working 5 days/wk with my head bent over. My neck is messed up. Workman's comp says I'm old and therefore, not responsible. I don't qualify for unemployment because of pending workmans' comp case. My medical insurance has started rejecting claims (surgery, physical therapy, etc.) So I continue to live with prescription drugs and chronic pain until my case is solved- hopefully in the next couple of years. The system is messed up. Contact your legislator, make some noise-- maybe with enough noise, the system will be forced to change. Good luck!


I expect a long battle, what I really want is to get better and get working so I can make enough money to survive, then I'll focus on getting back at Walmart for the misery they have and are putting me through, thanks for your responses everyone, it's very good advice. I'm going to see what I can do with legal help tomorrow and we're getting foodstamps on tuesday, hopefully things will start looking up, but with this government I'm not getting my hopes up too far.

Hoping for the best, expecting the worst.


I'm in the same pot. Apply for FMLA, ask employee benefits for the forms. My job is denying that my injury is job related. WC paid me for 8 wks.and employer sent me to their IME ( independant medical examiner) who I just met only once, decided that I was ok to do my back breaking job.



I just saw your posting tonight, sorry for the delay as I am sure that you need help *now.* Anyhow, you have a letter from your doctor saying that you can only work part time due to your disability so it is definitely a disability.

1) The first thing to do is return to the doctor and ask for a new letter that says you are totally disabled, not partially. That should be easy to get. Just tell him the truth and that you need the letter to collect disability until you get the proper medical help.

2) Find a pain doctor who is open minded, i.e., is willing to prescribe whatever you need to improve. A lot of so called pain docs only give injections, which often don't work at all. Another group won't give narcotics or opiates, even though it may be the best solution for the short term. If the NSAIDs don't work then you probably need percocet or vicodin. They are opiates. A decent pain doctor should have no reason putting you on them. (Note: The freaking DEA is involved in all opiates, which is why a lot of doctors get whimpy and don't prescribe what you need.)

3) Once the medication gets the pain under control you should try to get physical therapy. See a physiatrist first. They are what I call physical therapists who are MDs. They know what kind of exercises you can do and when. They can also interpret the MRI.

4) Finally get to a psychiatrist or even your family doctor and have him put you on clonepan or xanax, etc. You need something for the stress associated with all you are going through. You may even want t take an antidepressant if it takes a long time to recover *and* get a new job.

5) Meditate. Learn how to do it. If you can learn to relax and meditate you may not need any drugs at all and you will do a lot better.

Best of luck. Feel free to contact me for more info or even a phone all.


It sounds like your employer broke the law in not informing you to file an FMLA claim to protect your job for a maximum of 12 weeks while you were out on workmans comp. This is actually a federal law and they could face some tough penalties for that. You definitely need a lawyer to help with your case.


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