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Female student/waitress in early 20's suddenly experiencing debilitating sciatica

Started by nbaker06 on 11/08/2010 12:47pm

About 3 weeks ago I started getting random jolts of pain from the right side of my buttocks all the way down my right leg. The pain would be really intense, enough to make my leg completely useless and I even fell a couple times. It only happened about 5 times in 5 minutes, and then I would be fine. It occured again a week later and has become much more frequent. I'm not a really active person but I'm not overweight or a couch potato either. I run around a bit at work, especially late night, and I do drive about 2 hours a day between school, work, home, and my boyfriends house. I've also noticed an accompanying headache in my left parietal lobe along the motor strip and neck pain. I haven't had a serious fall or had any injury to my back, and I'm almost positive I'm not pregnant. What could possibly be causing this?

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hi and i'm sorry youre having trouble. if it was just sciatica i'd say wait a bit to see dr but since you have the neck and head symptoms i'd try to see your dr asap. ....i hope its nothing serious......pete