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Started by countrygal076 on 02/08/2011 1:00pm

My last fusion surgery in Jan 2005. After that I had nerve pain and got worse. The pain doctors at the time thought my surgeries failed. I went to the Mayo Clinic and brought my MRI with me. They waited to look at it when we got back home. I spent all week there in Scottsdale. Explaining my pain to them did not understand. They thought it was Myalgia or soft tissue pain! I was in so much pain. When I got another set of reports they found on my MRI w/ contrast "Arachnoiditis. My nerves are sticking/clumping together. I went back out there to the Laser Spine Inst in Scottsdale. I saw Dr. Weiss and he was real calm and nice to me. He said there was no cure for Arachnioditis. The nerves are clumping together and forced on the outside of the canal. Then I went to the International Pain Center at Texas Tech. Since all this was in 2009, I moved to a new place. I saw a surgeon locally as I will probably have to go to Dallas. Anyway, this guy says it is scar tissue?? I am in severe pain. It feels like a tumor down at the lower part of back/scar. I had a small invection on the bottom part of my scar and was really painful. They think I the infection or surgery caused all this pain. My last surgeon was from the Texas Back Inst. and was the best surgeon. I may go back to those guys and see what they can do. Last Pain doctor was doing injections into my scar. Ultrasound helps along w/ massge but when I get up and moving around it comes back. If it just scar tissue why they cannot cut out?? Instead of leaving me this way. Can anyone make tips on where I can go in Texas for pain management? I am tired of referrals b/c I have to wait and then when I talk to them oh we are short-term pain management....what? Now have to start over. I talked to my insurance company and gave me 2 pain doctors. No one has called. They are getting ugly about me calling to see when am I going to get appointment or if that doctor will work out.

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Hi Countrygal -

I don't know if you are still on here or not . I too have Adhesive Arachnoiditis. If you are still here - please contact me through here. They cannot and should not operate on you. I live in Dallas too. I joined the sight here because of your thread. since you cannot tell by my name - I am a 48yr old woman - I have had it since 1997. I am disabled by it. Texas back Institute was one of the places that operated on me AFTER I had it!!! NOT good.

Hope you have found good pain management - that is the ONLY way to manage this Illness.

Terry Lynne


wow Countrygal... you have certainly had a rough time... I too have Arachnoiditis .. I have been diagnosed for 6 years and have not been able to find out much at all about this debilitating disease.. not many doctors are familiar with it and those that are don't want to discuss it.. some even want to call it spinal arthritis or some other problem.. I had one doctor to tell me just recently that it was just recently discovered that pain is not associated with spinal arachnoiditis.. well someone forgot to tell my spine that.....!!!

I am having problems trying to find treatment for myself... and i am in the city of medicine... Duke hospital and UNC hospital the two top hospitals of the southeast!...
are with in 15 minutes of me...

I hope that you will have success...


Hi Pamela - Duke is one of the ones that aggravated my Arachnoiditis by the procedures they did on my back in the 90's. I have a lot of info on Arachnoiditis. I don't really want to want to put my personal info out on here, I will see if I can reach you through you user. I have been dealing with all over body pain with this for a few years now. It is an incideous disease. ~ Terry Lynne (Theresa)


I'm not sure if Theresa is still available to talk but I'd really appreciate the info on arachnoiditis. Ive been on many forums and extensively researching...long story short, my symptoms from my injury match exactly with that of arachnoiditis. However, I cannot get the medical community in my area to diagnose this and pretty much torturing me with the ongoing tests to try to find another explanation.