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Broken Rods two years after spinal fusion/ faulty hardware?

Started by lela3423 on 03/18/2011 9:02am

I'm a 29 year old active and healthy female. I shattered L1 in a skiing accident at 27. There is a T12-L1 fusion and a hardware system from T11-L3. I was told to let pain and common sense be my guide as to physical activity. I healed up nicely after surgery and find it easy to follow the correct back posture guidelines. A normal day of activity and I felt something snap in my back. All seemed ok except I started experiencing asthma attacks that would totally lay me up for a whole day or so but then would pass, a couple weeks later I felt another snap, but had not yet associated the snapping with the breathing problems. I finally buckled due to the breathing issues and got an x-ray discovering that I had broken both rods in my back. The integrity of the screws was not however compromised and it has been two weeks since the hardware removal and replacement. Has anyone so easily broken the rods in their backs? Is this normal I'm feeling paranoid about breaking the new rods, and wondering about faulty Hardware?

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I had my posterior surgery 12/22/16 7 fusions. Anterior on 6/15/17 2 fusions. 6/15/18 reached about 6 inches to get something off counter loud pop and crack. The pain was so bad it took my breath away. Grabbed counter stood about a minute then sat down. 20 minutes later went to stand another pop and crack. Saw surgeon X-Ray showed 2 broken titanium rods. Going for CT scan 7/10. I am in extreme pain. Sure another surgery is in near future. See surgeon on 7/16 will be asking a lot of questions. I was told up front there was a 5-10% chance of 1 or more rods breaking.


They tell you this going in, that is why surgery is the absolute last resort and only if you are in constant pain that cannot be relieved in any other form.


Actually, this problem faced many back surgery patients after surgery. Patients never choose their sitting chair wisely and mostly use the non-ergonomic chair for a long hour sitting that become the major cause of rod breaking, So always trying to use a lumbar support office chair that helps to distribute body weight equally and support your lumber back. You may choose the best chair for back surgery patients fromhttps://backpainchairslab.com/best-chair-after-back-surgery/
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