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Left Side S1 Screw Broke in Center

Started by kerky53 on 03/31/2011 2:47pm

I went to Mexico for a month Feb-March & while visiting my cousin I slid a couple of times (not falls), but I guess I twisted too much & broke in the center of the S1 screw. I am 8 mo. out from Lumbar Spine Fusion of the L4 L5 S1, with spinal bone autograft and excise intraspinal lesions (2 benign cysts) last July, 2010. I saw my Neurosurgeon Friday & had an xray done that shows the break. He wants me to stay down flat, or stand, limit time sitting. I go back in May & we see if the graft has covered the plate yet, and if the Gluteous Maximus (butt muscle) has settled down. If this does not stop the pain, then he may suggest a Bone Stimulator to try and get the graft to heal faster. Last resort will be for him to go back in & replace the 3 screws on the left side . I really set myself back in the healing process.

Has anyone had any type of screw break on them? If so, how did it happen? Anyone use a Bone Stimulator? Can these be bought used or must they be made by a specialist just for your needs?

After I had my surgery last July, my pain left in my right leg (numb from hip to toe) and with Physical Therapy, I felt well enough to take a vacation for a month with my cousin. But I slid twice while there, and twisted funny. So now I need some new options. My BUTT hurts.

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Well I am a long term back surgery pateint. I am 56 yrs old and I had a bone fusion of the L4 L5 S1, IN 1989, THEN in 2007 I have had above that a caged fusion,. on 2 disks 4 screws, the other day all I did is get into my car and I felt something snap, like when your bones cracks when you are getting chiropratic treatment. It didnt hurt right away, but for 5 days the left buttock area about 4 inches from the left hip where you siactic is i guess, burns hurts, and i can hardly walk, or stand without shaking. I had my husband go down my beautiful scared back and push at the entrees where they put the screws, about the second entree scar I felt the same pain into the hip. So I am wondering if the screw is loose. I dont have lower pain in the leg as of yet.. I am on diability, my surgery has a balance owed so now I cant see my dr. cause of a balance. I am going to the emergency room tommorow to get a exray, that is all I can do for now... but I am scared that something is messed up. and I DONT WANT SURGERY anymore. these were caused by 2 automobile accidents and both were drunk drivers that caused it.. I alos have nerve damage in my left arm do to drop wrist from a spiral break, and the rod is still there to hold my arm togeteher. SO I am with pain everyday dont take pain meds at all, I try to live with it.. but this is so bad... someone have the same stuff HELP


I fell 8/2012 fractured c2,3,4 was put in Halo same day. After 100 days the Neurosurgeon determined the c2 had not healed, He referred me to another surgeon, she examined the CTS and gave me 2 choices, 50 more days with halo or immediate surgery.. I chose the 50 days and after 10 days I was getting out of bed when The Halo popped and broke on left side driving the left rear screw into the brain. I immediately went to local hospital where they transferred me to trauma center. After 7 hours in ICCU they removed the halo and screw with no brain damage. Neck surgery in 10 days. Has anyone had a Halo break?


hello if your fusion isn't healed and bone growth is slow going to much actitvity can cause the rods to break. If you smoke that will slow down the growth. have you been wearing a radio wave belt. good luck.