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Posted in: Back pain, and Spinal fractures.

Broken L5, fixation of L4 to S1

Started by wyllbrazil on 11/25/2011 11:54pm


I’m 28 years old and it’s been 8 months since I had a skydiving accident which resulted in a burst fracture of L5. I have had a surgery for fixation of L4 to S1 and bone grafting of L5. The L5 has reconstructed well in the first three months after the surgery and after 6 months it has decreased in height but the doc said it’s ok. I hope he will remove those screws and plates, once it gives me some pain. And makes my lower back solid and unflexible which basically do not let me do my job properly, because i can’t arch my lower back.
Since I began to jump again I’ve been having sore upper back, between the shoulder blades.
So, has anyone have the same injure, have you had sore upper back??Have you had the hardware removed??? Once it was removed did you get your lower back flexible again??? And how long did it take for a full recover???


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well first you won't be able to get flexablity in your back again since the fusion.
i can't bend forward to cut my toe nails any more.
it is what it is.
i have a L4 stable and a L5 fusion.
almost the same as you.
just my L5 wasn't shattered.
and yes your upper back hurts because were the L5 an L4 was taking all the wieght.
the upper part of your back is now doing it.
you noted you are jumping.
stop jumping.
yes i know its killing you not to do the things you did before.
but if you live with in your backs means it will reduce your pain.
you are over doing it.
i know how you feel.
i want to do all the things i did before but i stop my self.
this surgery changes everything about your life now.
over arching of your back is causeing you pain.
i don't mean to be on you.
but i know you don't want to have surgery again.
my surgen siad yes you can have the hardware removed after you heal.
but you will have the same down time, more scare tissue and a better chance of getting a infection.
plus the hardware will help support what has healed.
research your surgery.
talk to your sergon about your limits.
talk to your pain doctor for meds if you are hurting.
but most of all please.
like my sergon siad to me.
now that we got the problem fixed......don't do anything stupid.
so i hope this will help you.
i hope i don't mean to sound like a parent.
but evryone that has this surgery and ones like it.
have problems.
not all come out of surgery mest up.
some do come out 99% in the good.
but its up to you to keep it that way.
please don't be offended by my words.
i hope you heal and live to the best you can.
please see your doctor and slow down.
your friend