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Pars Defect in basketball athlete

Started by bballforever on 05/04/2012 9:02pm

hi everyone, i play basketball year round and i take it very seriously. this past summer i began to have pain in my lower back. the doctors thought i pulled a muscle but when i went to see a physical therapist they thought something was really wrong. i was diagnosed with bilateral pars defect at L5. I was put in a brace for 3 months then 3 months of physical therapy--missing my entire basketball season. i was cleared to play again for my spring team because both X-rays and mris were normal. however i kept having so much pain i had to stop and return to physical therapy. I'm a high school kid and i really don't want to miss anymore of my basketball career at my school. does anyone know why i still have so much pain if all my scanning is normal and i did the rehab? please help it means a lot.

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