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sacrol iliac joint

Started by Neecy926 on 05/09/2012 12:39pm

I finally went to a Chiropractor last week and think i finally found some pain relief. My leg have been different heights since 2009 lumbar fusion of L4 L5 S1 with double discectomy,triple laminiectomy w/fixation of 6 screws 2 rods. Went back to the surgeon a number of times still complaining of pain. I then went to a neurologist for relief who put me on neurontin, which did nothing, then sent me to pain management Dr who gave me 3 lumbar injections, which did nothing, then recommened the implant of spinal cord stimulator!
they all said fusion looks oks...learn to live with the pain. Well I tried but spent many many depressive hours in bed from on going pain. I couldnt live like that !!!!
Finally went to Chiropractor or confirmed my theory that i brought up to all the MD's about Sacral Illiac Joint problem. I typed in y symptoms on the internet and Sacral iliac kept coming up. Chiropractor confirmed what i thought the issue was. Manipulated the pubic, illiac bones and my legs were very close to same length then. I wasn't getting the stabbing pain I had for soooo long. In waiting 1 week for insurance to go through the stabbing came back and my leg are out of wack again. Can't wait to get to the Chiro to finally make progress with manipulations and pelvic brace till body parts can get back and stay where they are supposed to.
Its a read damn shame it had to take so long.
To the MD's......be a bit more open minded and really hear what your patients are saying !!!
on the road to recovery !!! finally !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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