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Started by Sam227 on 10/01/2012 12:15pm

SpineUniverse is here to help all us . When I see people saying this is a Crazy site. Well some of us would be crazy if we didn`t have Spine Universe to get us through our bad Pain lives. I made two very good friends on here. Sam

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I think this helped some ppl. So just put it back on the first page.


I would like to know if anyone goes to the Mpls VA for their pain problems?
They have just decided to cut back on all pain meds. Hence, leaving a lot of us in harms way.
Does anybody go there and what are they doing about it
I'm in so much pain right now, and they told me to go to pain classes!
I'm not gonna live like that, not when this can be controlled with meds!
Does any one live in Mpls, MN and have this problem?
And if so where or what do you do about it?
Thanks, Hairthehman


I see some ppl that need to start their own new Discussions. Sam


Hi Hairtheham,,,,,Its not just your state,,Im in New York,,and finding just as difficult as you,Ive been on this site for almost 2yrs so Ive gottn to know alot of friends here.Just to give U a furinstance Id say 2 people out of 30 are being able to receive the proper Pain Management. Fla n NY have gotten hit the worst id say, especially Fla.....N.C seems to B not having such a problem,,But its all the states,,The FDA is really crackn down,,I can understand why,,But when you have people like us who have all the documentation and reasoning for needing them its so frustrating we just cant get the care,Ive read a story on this site of a woman who had 2 friends commit suicide from not being able to endur the chronic pain anymore,,it was very sad to hear she left behind 4 small children.So stay strong,if your feeling blue come visit us hear,,we all try to uplift eachother..Rene :)