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Help! hern. l23 l34 l45 s1 injury, how do i recover? no doctor access

Started by 649151917@facebook on 12/09/2012 10:54am

I could use some advice. I have no access to a doctor aside from my original er visit, a fourwheeler rolled on me and the doc said after a ct i have four herniated discs, s1 l23 l34 l45. I have barely any internet access im stuck in the desert basically alone. Im in day 7, and i cant walk more than a few feet a day without exascerbating my pain greatly. I need to know what process to start healing. I just lay xown all day and its finally at the point that i can walk a few feet without help with minjmal pain, but makes the thing hurt worse. Jm a full time rock climber so my core is stupid strong, but im losing muscle quickly like this. When can i start walking? It seems to make it much worse. I took steroids from the jospital for the first five days now just ibuprofen. For swelling. How do i rehabilitate? I ha e no money and live in my car, so im staying south to stay warm... has anyone experienced this injury and had a process to recover? I need to work soon.. maybe survive four more weeks before im screwed.. i can substitute teach so not strenouos but, i need to heal now! Should i use a back brace? When will i know i can walk? Yoga? If u cant reach me.. try andrewonyx@gmail.com im in some dire straights...

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hi andrew wow not a good place to be when you are all stoved up. do you have a bathtub and hot running water? that would help your pain. yes you need a brace do you have a phone? or a neighber?If you have internet then send hospital a message I wish you luck.