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23 year old spinal fusion

Started by 100000633213047... on 01/10/2013 3:23pm

Im Amanda, i'm 41 years old,i'm a mother to 8 (2 sets of twins) and 23 years ago i had my first spinal operatn L3-L5, which was 2 discs being removed, bone being put in and the a brace for 12 months.
Thishowever failed and 1 year later i underwent another operation where Titanium rods screws and bolts were place into L3-L5 then abrace for a year.
Ive been having back pain below and directly above the operation site now for a while and paain spasums in my legs just like before.
I went o my gp who sent me or a x-ray which showed that the disc directly above the operation is degenerating and is remarkably thin to all othr discs infact you can hardly see it on the x-ray.
\ive been having physio and i take Tramadol, but day to day jobs,sleeping,walking,sitting, doing the children, washing, showering,getting dressed in fact everything is becoming very difficult because im in constant pain.
I cant sleep amd only after being awake for ages through exhausten i fall asleep, i cant get out of bed straight away and it takes ages to straighten up.
Anyone else in the same boat.
They say they wont operate..so what will happen to me?
If it gets really bad...can they operate or do i have to suffer till i snuff it?


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hi mandy you should get a second opinion. go see a ortho surgeon see what they say. I have only had one surgery but so far so good. good luck.


Thankyou Larry..

I do believe that im going too.



Get another opinion. There have been so many advances since your last surgery. Unless your surgeon is trained in the most recent technology, there is no reason that you should have to suffer 'till you, "snuff it."
And besides, even if there isn't anything they can do surgically, there's no reason they can't keep you out of the worst kind of pain.
I have been, and am again, in your shoes. Sometimes it seems like too much energy to fight for what you need, but the truth is, when you hurt bad enough, you get mad enough act.
If there isn't an answer today, it doesn't mean there wont be tomorrow. Hang in there. Oh, and welcome to the community. :) Looking forward to hearing from you again.
Janet :)


Thankyou Janet..
One of my doctors has decided to take me on fully..im not to see any other doctor.
She has put me on 10mgs of morphine and is making a referal to an ortheopedic surgeon...the best apparantly we have here.


Mandy, that's great news!
Let me know what he/she says. Hope the morphine helps keep the pain away.
Janet :)