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I have Spondylolisthesis

Started by terrifrom70 on 03/01/2013 2:39pm

I have always been a very physical worker and person my whole life. The past five years I have been having to wor k more and harder because we have bet hit by econmy with my husband not working for 4 years and we had lost our health insurance. I have been having major problems in hands wich i thought it was from carpel tunnel witch had the tests preformed to find I had mild carpal tunnel and the pain I had been describeing have nothing to do with my carpel tunnel. I was sent to orthopedic surgeon he sent me to hand specialist then hand specialist was going to send me to a neoroligist. I ran into a friend that i knew a while back and we were talking about my symptons. Besides a partial tear in my left rotary shoulder this pain through my neck to arm elbow then to pinky finger and finger right by it feels like a shocking pain. now besides the numbness, tingling throbbing pain when doing every day activities i have learned to live with but this pain is crippiling me. well to get back to my friend she had surgery because her disks or something were puching on spine that were pushing on the nerves of the spine and created the same symptons as mine. any one with my condition or have this problem can you let me know if you required surgery? And was surgery preformed in back and neck? I am really scarred because i thought all theses pains were from stress of averything past four years I so knew it even double checking computer on stress this can really affect your health and mental state. Now that I have come to the realization from mri test, xrays and carpel tunnel tests i am faced with the truth this will not get better I wiil only get worse. my moter has really this disease and uncle Tony. my mother is really crippled from waist down even after having spinal fusion surgery. But oh my gosh she atleast has her hands to paint, sew do etc. things. please if anyone can help me understand. I always thought this was lower back but obviously comes from that through spinal nerves. i amgoing to neworthopedic surgeon for my shoulder friday then i need a good spine dr. for the pain in hands . please some one let me know what to expect or what is going on with my hands? some days make partial fist all day on left hand because of sharp stabbing pain!! Sincerly, Terri

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