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Is my herniated disc condition worsen ?

Started by Chellechelle on 03/17/2013 1:22pm

I'm Chook . I am 19 and I am having herniated disc at L5 S1 .
I did not know about this condition until I had MRI 2 weeks ago.
My back pains for 2 years already, only now I know it is herniated disc.
I have done my physiotherapy ( DTS - Decompression, if I am not mistaken) for 6 times already( last 2 weeks )
During the period where I have done my 6 times of therapy, my back pains a little but I feel numbness from my right thigh to my toes.
But now I could not sleep because the pain got worsen , is it because the overall condition got worsen?
I went shopping this afternoon and evening as well. Would this be the reason of the pain got worsen ?
Should I just lie down on my bed frquently to make the condition better?
I am so desperate and I need somebody to answer my questions.

Thank you

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hi chell, in lumber disc harniation we have to learn new ways to move,like try to sleep at your back and at flat surface,dont bend,twist,and if having much pain the use ice and heat theropy.and i think your PT suggest you some exercise.do them daily but lightly.and if find that symptoms and pain is not solving or getting wors then cousult your doctor and ask each and every question which is in your mind.and always have second opinion. Gudluck