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How can I get back on my pain clinic?

Started by luckeelilly on 05/11/2013 4:29am

I have been going to a pain clinic for almost 2 years till I got kicked off in April for something I did not do and need some advice getting back on it. In the past 8 months I have had 5 surgeries. One for my neck in which they put in cadavar bones and titaanium plates, one for my legs where I had over 200 stitches, my stomach with over 100 stitches, my arms with another 200 plus stitches and gallbladder removal. I have fibro, arthritis, back pain and I forgot to mention breast surgery. When I started going to the clinic and getting percocet and oxycotin I felt like my life started over and I was able to do things again and felt like a whole new person. I do not drink. At age 15 I went to a high school dance with some friends and one of them stole a bottle of tango from their parents liquor cabinet and we drank it before the dance behind the school and I got so sick i pucked my guts out and never drank again. I tried pot when I was around 17 and did not like it and never touched it again. So here is where my problem comes into play. In april when I had to go to the surgeon because of a fever and and infection my mother in-law took me because I was so sick I could not drive myself. The doctor gave me 2 perscriptions. One for an anti-biotic and one for pain medication. I had the anti-biotic filled BUT did not fill the pain medication because of a contrat I had with the clinic. When I got home I put the paper work on my counter along with the pain perscription and went right to bed. My mother in-law stayed with me for the nioght to make sure I was ok. While I was sleeping she cleaned my house and took care of the cats and while straightening things up whe noticed the pain percription and thinking she was doing me a favor she wnet and had it filled thinking she was helping me out. I did not know about her doing this until a couple days later the clinic called me in for a pill count and that is when I discovered the perscription was filled and I was told because I broke my contract I was kicked off the clinic. I told them I knew nothing about it and I did not fill it. When I got home I was crying so bad and told my mother in-law what happened and that is when she told me she saw it on the counter and filled it for me thinking I forgot to do it and she was only being helpful. But instead she screwed me up with the clinic because she did not know about any contract I had with them and thought she was just being helpful. Know she feels so bad and I am angry, but not at her because she is the most wonderful person in the world and was only trying to help. I wrote the doctor a letter telling him what happened and she also wrote him one telling him she filled it not knowing about the contract and yet they do not care about it and I am now off the clinic and in so much pain everyday and can't find another clinic less than 70 miles from my home. My primary care doctor has a policy about not perscribing narcotics and won't help me either. I have always had clean urines and took my meds EXACTLY the way I was suppose to and my pill counts were always right on the money. I am a 57 year old woman with arthritis, fibro, back pain, neck pain and a lot of other pains. I do not know what to do. I went from being able to function and doing the things I love like gardening, crocheting, takeing walks ect ect. I feel I deserve to be back on the clinic and he just won't take me back as a patient. Has this happened to anyone else and is there something I can do short of calling a lawyer to help me get back on the clinic and the meds I need to function again. I am so tired of wasting my life away on the couch and in bed all day and hurting beyond belief. I can't handle the pain anymore and I have no one to help me. I am thinking of writing him another letter but I don't feel it will help. I truley was the perfect patient and don't feel as tho I deserve to be treated this way. Does anyone know how I can get back on the clinic seeing that I did not break my contract by filling that pain perscription.? Can anyone help me? Because so many people abuse the system I any taking the downfall for a totally honest mistake that I knew nothing about. I live in the state of Massachusetts and need some suggestions and advice. Can anyone help?

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In short they will not take you back.
Pain clinics have you sign a contract.
Only they can treat your pain.
They don't want you to get pills from a ER or family doctor.
Even if there is a time you miss a pick up from them.
They piss test you.
Your best bet is to talk to your family doctor or surgeon to get referral
To another pain clinic.
And don't say anything about the first one.
My mom made a honest mistake as well.
She thought it was ok to take a pain pill from her family doctor.
Even though I told her do not take it.
She did. And she said she called the clinic and told them that her family doc
Gave it to her and was calling to let them know.
Next day they called her in for a pee test and threw her out.
If your in a pain clinic.
You do not take anything.
Nothing. Other then what they give you.
Or if your seeing your pain doctor that's the time to ask if
You can take other things.
I'm so sorry you can't get back in.
But try like I said. There has to be another clinic near you.
Good luck.
My prayers are with you.


hey there, sorry you have to go through the game which should not be a game for people like you or i but the Fed Gov and DEA need to say they are prosecuting someone. instead of meth, crack, and the killer for us pain pill dealers they feel they are more effective abusing physicians and pain, intractable pain patients. if you are abiding by the contract you should be ok. that being said in your contract does it have a clause, (most do) about acute/emergency pain from surgery or trauma, ect.. that you may be dispensed additional pain meds with something like alert within 48hrs. or have doctors fax or call about a acute episode. seems you are good on that so next can they kick you out, yes but you have a chance, go through that contract and see if acute med clause there, then make a face to face appt if you have to pay and tell them (the MD), (not a RN, PA, or anyone but MD). if your urine screens are good and the drug was filled w/o your knowing and if you could have that backed up by your mother to the MD along with the guilt showing i am sure your mother has over this matter. it is stupid but the DEA is on the doctors like crazy so they may want to help but hands are tied. in that case ask very politely if you could have other MDs and clinics recomended. the physicians records from the anti-biotics and pain med Rx and acute circumstances and anytime you can have an advocate as a chronic pain patient utilize it, best of all other MDs that back you up. you have a big need for pain mang. one thing i would do for certain is go to ForestTennat.com who is a very well respected intractable pain doctor, even respected by fed gov! on his site under "articles" in a left side list of priority reading find, "the intractable pain patients guidebook for survival" apprx 20 pages of dire knowledge that goes into all these areas in depth. a thought; if you can get to your pain doctors attention span maybe offering to prove you are not uncompliant by saying rather than going back to Oxycodone SR and Percocet say for a period for them to regrow trust you would be happy to use "abuse deterrent" (i know how it sounds) opioid analgesics like: Embeda, Kadian, Opana ER (might work good for you if oxycodone was effective), a Oxycodone/naltrexone new combo is out, if you have not been on opioids till now (ones like lortab, percocet, dilaudid) the Butrans patch (transdermal buprenorphine) or Subutex or Suboxone at pain control doses may work better than the oxycodone. Buprenorphine 0.3mg IV = Morphine Sulfate 10mg IV. it is used to detox due to it's unique properties but is a big gun as far as a pain medicine. you can use that patch with sublingual tablets for breakthough pain. i tried it and it helped much but $$$. anyway there are 3 or 4 ideas and get the advocates on your team. if all fails do not let them make you believe you are blacklisted for all pain mang clinics/doctors. only the medical info release form in your original paperwork if it has doctors names and numbers like a primary care doctor or surgeon and legally they can tell them everything but there are other pain physicians you have access to. in ForestTennatMDs site under links a few groups that actually help land you with a pain doctor are listed. to much to go through but we have no choice so i wish you the best and if you find the article by ForestTennant good let me know and certainly if you get in with a doc. God bless and God speed. NICK


ragweed2011 sadly is almost 100% accurate but go the other way and be brutally honest. some docs get defensive if pushed but if you come from the lowly patient who will hold back nothing from them they get the urge to want to maybe help you. i would make appts all over at same time you get appt to go talk to your ex pain MD. and they do not need to know you are looking around, that is not doctor shopping. give the "Intractable pain patients guidebook for survival" a read. that will open you eyes to what years of untreated pain does ex: Cardiac-Adrenal-Intractable Pain Syndrome. PS your pain is or qualifies as intractable.


just read end. do not use lawyer option, you may be blacklisted. these pain so called specialist many times have huge egos. use some "How to win friends and influence people" by Andrew Carniege. approach as a person who has abased themselves to the all powerful doctor a be brutally honest. worse thing you can get another MD. Mass is getting tight with state law but thank heavens you are not in Florida, in VA i am feeling tighting down here because of that one state. you have options!


I have a couple of questions and ot responces, first of all, you should have told the hospital when they handed you that Pain med script that you are in pain management and are under contract, you should have not accepted it, I had a tooth pulled and the dentist gave me a 7 day opiate script and I gave it back to him, Next question,If your relative filled the Pain med from the hospital Why didn't you give the bottle (with the correct amount)to your Pain Dr?I have to wonder if you were trying to get over and hoped you would not be caught because I know it's tempting, I have had several opportunities to cross that line but never did, the only time you can get a short time opiate script is after a surgery as long as you let your Pain Dr know in advance, ,