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Disc Protrusion at T7-T8......Help PLZ, IM BEGGING YOU

Started by 741442070@facebook on 07/11/2013 1:18pm

It has been one year now, since the pain between my shoulder blades had started......It has been so frustrating it took 9 months for Dr.'s to figure what was causing me the problem.......unfortunately the Thoracic MRI was the last thing checked.......so im 99.999% sure this is the root of my PAIN...........my symptoms: When i wake up in the mornings it rarely hurts......so as i go through the day the (SCREWDRIVER PAIN) STARTS and worsens everyday the more i walk, sit, and especially use my arms............all my muscles knot up around the bad part of spine,sometimes all way up to my neck.......and feels like someone is squeezing my RIGHT ARM OFF AT THE ARMPIT..............I SAW a neurosurgeon yesterday.....(i have had everything else possible done BTW..) BUT the MRI shows a CENTRAL/LEFT protrusion at T7-T8 impinging on Thecal SAC...) BUT since all my pain is just off to right side of spine and right arm.........HE SAYS it don't make sense how my pain is on right side and not LEFT......................IM BEGGING OF ANYONE WHO READS THIS AND IS A ORTHO/NEURO...TO GIVE ME SOME INSITE........PLZ IM RUNNING OUTTA OPTIONS AND ALMOST READY TO PUT A BULLET INTO MY SPINE THERE........

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I had C5-6 / C6-7 ACDF in 2017. 3 months after surgery, I had severe stiffness in my thoracic and pain btwn my shoulder blades. I need to be in front of a computer for work, so I believe having my arms in the forward position (while standing / sitting / kneeling) is what has exacerbated the thoracic chronic pain I have.

Just had a thoracic MRI - Impression: There is a small left central disk at T8-T9 which minimally indents the sac.
There is disk bulging at T2-T3 and T3-T4 but there is no cord compression or significant central canal compromise.

Swimming helps loosen up the spine, but it still hurts 24-7.

Has anyone done stem cell therapy at a clinic that has the ability to store/culture cells over night? i.e. Regenexx Cayman https://regenexxcayman.ky/) or Stem Cell Institute Panama https://www.cellmedicine.com/).

Not a cheap solution, but could be worth exploring if someone has had decent results.


I have also suffering from this for 2 yrs now. I can't even start to explain how the pain is. The only difference is that I have what is called an arachnoid cyst inside of my spine between T8-9-10. Scoliosis and this is driving me crazy. Now i have pain in my lower back and legs just by walking the grocery store and sometimes for me to stay straight to cook it is quite impossible. 3rd Dr says surgery is very risky and can't guarantee pain will go away. Have done 4 nerve blocks but nothing. The say it is giving me an Thoracic Radiculopaty (left side) sometimes I can touch and feel the nerves inflamed. Now it is provoking bowel problems. Very loose. Someone has had this problem?
Be well everybody. At least we know we are not alone in this because some of my friends and others just say that I am hypocondriac or pain maniac.


It seems like the majority of us who have herniation's in thoracic have similar problems in cervical and neck. Have had surgeries in cervical or lumbar or both. It looks like we all just have horrible arthritic disc that are just wreaking havoc on us. Is it genetics? We are probably the only people who understand what we are going through. It's frustrating trying to explain to someone that had a lumbar surgery but didn't have any other areas with herniation's like the thoracic.
I really don't have any good days anymore since this started over 14 years ago but I don't give up. I haven't had any luck with injections or anything else. I use very little pain medication but it does seem to dull the pain a bit. One thing that helps me is an upper back brace for days I have to be active. But everyone is different to what may help them. Just try anything you can and post any and all procedures that worked or didn't work. C-3/4 herniation, T6-9 Herniation and L4,5 herniation, Had L5 laminectomy which made everything worse and scar tissue on S1 nerve root. When someone post something that they have tried I will give it a shot myself.
Good luck to everyone!