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Pain meds will mask everything that your body should be telling you.

Started by 100000515572872... on 03/27/2015 12:56pm

I am 51 , that's not old. I have been on a regiment of pain killers for over 12 years for bi-lateral carpal tunnel . After undergoing 10 surgeries with 20 surgical procedures left me with very little use/strength/ and extreme pain. After years of being on a medication roller coaster since '94 . Last January decided that I was done with morphine , Lyrica, cellebrex, that I had been on for at least 7 yrs, the morphine had been 12 years. I had quit smoking 2 years and thought that I was overall very healthy with just some hand and arm nerve damage. At first I thought that I was dying!! my chest felt like Someone was sitting on me, It felt like someone sucker punched me in both kidneys as hard as they could ,and it felt like I was being compressed and smothered from the inside. My family doc ordered MRI and x-rays. , a surgeon wanted to fuse my lower back together and did not want to discuss much else. well in a very short time I opted out of surgery so that I could do some research and find out more. I thought that I had scoliosis due to the x-ray films showed a curve in the upper and lower spine. so for the last year I have been searching for someone to help me . Wanted to have a second MRI done a year later so I could see what had happened in a years time, my doc seems to think that I am looking for someone to restore my youth, he feels i am chasing something that is not there a hypochondriac to be exact. well the second MRI shows that I have spinal stenosis , 3 spinal fractures , my ribs are on my hip bones I have lost 3" in height and Spondylosis and spondylolisthesis , a hemangioma , I have lost all muscle in back and extreme leg cramps that go from the buttox to the center of my foot. I just saw another surgeon to see what my options where, he wanted to give me an epidural and send me to physical therapy. okay I don't want something else to mask the pain and I have been exercising , doing Acupuncture and being very careful not to do more damage. , to me this is extreme I went from very active to not being able to physically do much. I cannot seem to find a doctor that is taking this as serious as I am . this has been going on for at least 10 yrs. and the morphine masked it all .. so if you take pain meds. go off of them and listen to what your body is trying to tell you. If I would have only known when the first fracture happened, not ten yrs later. , I could have done something .If my pain doctor would have listened to me when I complained of muscle cramps, weakness and vision loss he should have taken me off of the morphine and other drugs that caused me not to know what was happening but also that caused or attributed to the end result which is a screwed up spine so bad that I cannot find a doctor to help me.

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