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Back & Neck Pain

Started by Carr on 12/25/2016 10:24pm

Was hit setting at a red light. 6/7/2016. Have Right paracentral small herniation is seen at L5-S1 abutting the Descending. S1right nerve root creating moderate foraminal encroachment and right paracentral annular bulge at L4 -L5 with foraminal encroachment on the right,, A mild annular bulge is seen.At 10mm and mild uncovertabral joint hypertrophy on the right..AlsoC5-C6 A small annular bulge with central canal narrowing at 9.3.... C6-C7. A left paracentral/foraminal protrusion is seen ..Disk desiccation with loss of hight and endplate reactive marrow edema at C5-C6..There is slight concavity to the superior endplate of C6..posttraumatic slight depression of the. Superior endplate of C6 cannot be excluded given the history of a motor vehicle accident. And also have server whiplash Been in Neck Brace for 6 months done epidural s in Neck no help 2 months of P/ Therapy no help can someone please tell me what this MRI STUFF MEANS PLEASE HURT DOWN MY RIGHT SHOULDER TO MY THUMB AND INDEX FINGER ALSO BUTT ON RIGHT BACK OF LEG BURNING UP CAFE SO SORE PLEASE HELP ME ..First Time on Here The Spine Institute said they can help me what do you guys think .Thanks Carr

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