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Day 1 of Trial Nuro Stimulated Lumbar

Started by KristaHurts on 04/28/2017 1:48pm

Hi all... So at 6:30 This morning I had the trial put in. I was told that pain from having the procedure done that i would have pain from that. That being said here is my problem. Every little move I make I am just in tears! The pain and burning is unreal! I can call the rep to talk to but wanted to see if anyone have a similar story. I hope that this stim will help with my Failed Back surgery syndrome. 2014 I had a fusion of L5-S1 with a demcompression.
Thanks! Krista

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Krista, we are so sorry to hear about the pain you're experiencing! Have things gotten any better since you posted? If not, we do encourage you to contact your doctor to make sure everything is OK.

Please keep us posted on how you're doing!


Hello Krista. My name is Cindy, and I have had 2 surgeries to remove pressure off of nerves, a spinal fusion, and then the worst of all on Dec 2, 2017, when they pulled the trial leads out, they discovered that a hematoma had developed around the left lead. I, too, had severe pain after the trial leads were put in. SO, when they pulled those out the hematoma burst, filling my entire spinal column with blood. It put so much pressure on my spinal cord that the pain was so severe that all I could do was scream a horrifying guttural scream that scared even me. Then before getting to the emergency room, I lost all feeling from my waist down to my toes. The doctor said this was very rare. He had to remove 3 of the center bones the protect my spinal cord and the pain was beyond words. With no other option, I had the Medtronic spinal cord stimulator implanted 3 months later. That was on April 5th and I have had to get it readjusted. Then a week ago I stumbled and it felt like my spine whiplashed and when I went to go into the house it felt like the paddle that had to be glued in had ripped away from my spine. Now I cannot feel it working on my left side. I had an x-ray Friday but my doctor cannot see me until June 1st.

I am moving to our cabin in Alaska where I will be 400 miles from the nearest hospital. Had the hematoma not happened I believe I could have gotten off the last 2 pain pills a day. Now I cannot get under 4, even with this device.

I pray that your experience turns out as you need it to. I can honestly say that I will never suggest this device to anyone because of the risks. I hear that some people have great results and that is wonderful. I believe had I not had the hematoma, I would have to. Still, I would never want to advise someone to have it and then they end up like I did.

I believe doctors should always do an x-ray before removing the leads. Mine burned like your's did. Please let us know how you are doing!