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Severe leg pain post spinal fusion

Started by Melissa Beth on 05/01/2017 6:30am

Hello everyone. I am hoping to find some answers here. I did speak with the on call physician but am not satisfied.
I had spinal fusion, decompression and discectomy 4 days ago. I had spinal stenosis and moderate DID. Prior to surgery, I had significant low back pain with radiation down my right leg. I have been experiencing SEVERE pain from right buttocks down into entire leg,knee,anterior calf/shin, ending in my foot. I do experience "pins and needles" in that foot which does resolve with position change.
I can tolerate the pain and will continue to mend with patience if I know this is common. My NURSES in the hospital basically smiled and nodded at my questions.
Thanks - Melisss

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Hi, Melissa--thanks for your question. We are sorry about the leg pain you've experienced after spine surgery.

We think it's smart of you to reach out to your health care team about the pain you're experiencing--particularly since you mention a pins and needles feeling. When's your first follow-up appointment with your surgeon? That appointment will likely include an x-ray or CT scan to make sure your surgery recovery is going as planned. You should have a solid idea of exactly how well you're doing after that appointment.

It's frustrating when you think your postop pain isn't being taken seriously. The nurses' responses likely means that what you are experiencing is somewhat common, which we hope is reassuring to you. With that said, though, we think you should continue calling if your gut is telling you that your pain isn't normal.

Spine surgery recovery can be a long journey, and we hope your bumps in the road become fewer with each passing day. We wish you the very best of luck for a smoother recovery!


Hi Melissa,

I see you had surgery a few months ago. I am wondering if your leg pain has resolved?

I had a bilateral SI joint fusion on the 23rd May 2017 and I have excruciating calf pain and pins and needles in my foot.

I look forward to hearing back from you.