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Spinal Hemangioma causing pain

Started by PrayForHealth on 08/18/2017 6:11pm

My spine has hurt for 15 years after i was assaulted. I went to doctors but they kept telling me i was fine, even after xrays and ct scans. I went to a spinal specialist who ordered an mri. I went back for a follow up...and she said i was fine. I looked at the radiologists review one day and saw that i had a 1.8 cm hemangioma on my L2 vertebrae. The doctor didnt even mention it! She said she didnt think a tumor on my spine, exactly where my pain is, was worth mentioning! She wouldnt even refund my $40 copay or offer me a free consultation. Oh well.

I have a few questions for the community:

1. Is 1.8 cm large? Should I consider surgery or treatment?

2. Can a hemangioma cause bowel problems? Like constipation, SIBO, or intestinal pain?

3. Can a hemangioma cause a rise in cerebrospinal fluid (csf)? Or increased cranial pressure? Or pressure on the optical nerve?

4. Any suggestions?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Hi, PrayforHealth--thank you for your post! We are so sorry to read that your medical team didn't provide you a thorough explanation of your MRI and possible implications of your tumor.

We aren't medical professionals, so we can't offer credible insight into your first three questions. However, we'd like to pass along this article: ( Spinal Tumors: Descriptive Overview ) with the suggestion to visit a new spine specialist for a second opinion and fresh perspective on your MRI. Ideally, you may want to see a doctor who specializes in spinal tumors. You can find qualified spine specialists near you with our doctor finder tool: https://www.spineuniverse.com/locate/spe... .

We hope this information helps and wish you the very best of luck!