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Can I report PM for requiring ESI's

Started by EL444 on 12/22/2017 7:24pm

I have been going to my current PM for four years. I have four debilitating back diseases including adv & degenerative osteoarthritis of the spine, DDD with 5 discs shot as of last MRI, tarlov cysts, and nerve compression I guess which causes my left leg to give out with zero notice. I am disabled by gov standards.
My issue is my Dr. did ESI's when I first began seeing him. After trying a couple (even though they hadn't previously worked on me) I told him I was getting little to no relief. We agreed to stop. Now with this opiate crackdown, he's insisting I restart them in addition to cutting my monthly script. I said why, they don't help me so why put my body through that? He said he can't treat a 41 year old with only medication. I said ok then let's figure out something that may actually work. Nope he says, if you want to remain my patient you have to restart ESI's. So I'm now searching for a new PM at the worst possible time.
Does anyone know if it's worth reporting him and if he can get in trouble for this? Thanks guys!!!

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Hi, EL444--thanks for your question. We're sorry your doctor no longer seems like a fit. We're not sure about the legal or ethical ramifications of his treatment recommendations, but our best advice is to put your energies toward finding a new physician whose treatment philosophy better aligns with your needs/wants.

If you haven't checked it out already, our doctor finder tool is a great place to find qualified spine specialists near you: https://www.spineuniverse.com/locate/spe...

We wish you the very best in finding a new physician!