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Chronic Lumbar Spine Pain

Started by DebbieZ12 on 04/18/2018 1:59am

Hello. New to this board so I will give a brief history. I’m 63 years old female. In the past 3+ years I have had 2 failed lumbar fusions in L2-5. Both times screws loosened and fusion did not occur. I’ve had chronic back pain for years with stenosis, scoliosis, Multiple Sclerosis and Lupus.

I decided to have the latest hardware removed do to screw loosening, non-fusion, and accumulation of some sort of fluid in the lumbar cavity. There was a lot of fluid surrounding the hardware and a pseudo membrane encasing the hardware. Pathology results were negative for any pathogens.

I’m 2 weeks out from hardware removal surgery and I’m the worst pain I have ever experienced in my life. The pain spreads from hip to hip, I have weakness in my legs, most times I can’t even hold myself up anymore from the pain. I think I’m just venting because nobody can understand this kind of pain unless they have been through it. It’s not even the surgical site. I mean it’s sore but nothing compared to what I feel in my lower spine, hips, and legs. I’m talking a 10-12 pain level everyday unless I’m sitting in my recliner or lying in bed.

Sorry for my very long “brief “

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Hi Debbie, my daily life is described well in your words. My pain also includes both hips, both legs and feet. My left foot began to "turn under" for lack of a better description maybe 8 months ago primarily after rising from a laying position for any length of time. Now both legs have weakened. My surgery; decompression and L1 thru L5 fusion was performed on April 4, 2017. But my pain is increasing as is my weakness. My last MRI showed no reasons for my pain? I have scheduled a visit with a new and we'll respected neurosurgeon in August. It seems to me that my original surgeon is more interested in adding me to his "success" column than he is finding the source of my pain. The only things that seem to help other than pain meds are hot baths and meditation which can offer you a barrier between pain and yourself. This method has helped me to maintain a loving disposition with family despite the pain I still feel. Good luck to you my friend.