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spinal stenosis followed by cervical stenosis

Started by hukam sehgal on 04/18/2018 6:19am

for the last 3 years , I have been suffering from lowback pain stenosis L-4 & L-5 pain radiating to thighs and right leg. canal diameter at L4/5 is left half of the other places. From one month cervical pain has started causing pain in left and right arms leaving me depressed and week.Age is 76 yrs, with stent in heart. no BP. No dabetes. I am afraid of lamincotomy as this will creat instability. Pl guide me if any one can - what to do? thanks

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Hello, hukam--thank you for your question about surgery for spinal stenosis. We are not spine surgeons, so we can't provide medical advice, but we do have some information about laminectomy that may help.

Decompressive spine surgeries--like laminectomy--can create instability in your spine, but that's not always the case. If your surgeon believes that your spine may have stability problems after your laminectomy, he or she will perform a spinal fusion to stabilize your spine.

You can read more about both these procedures via the links below:
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We also think this is a great resource for any person considering spine surgery:
( Spine Surgery: Questions to Ask Your Doctor )

We hope this helps you, and we wish you the very best with whatever treatment option you choose!