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Labor Epidural Site Pain 20 Years Later After a Cervical Epidural Injection

Started by BruinsChic on 08/06/2018 5:29pm

I'm getting a bit concerned. This morning I received an epidural injection between C6&7. My concern is that the exact spot I received an epidural to in my lumbar while having my son in 1997 just started to hurt. As a background, that particular epidural was good until they decided to keep the catheter in place overnight for a tubal ligation I was having in the morning. The catheter dislodge a bit when I tried to change position a that night, they didn't believe me, found that it had and gave me a spinal to do the ligation. It took over 2 years for that pain to resolve, which is why I know that particular pain well. Today it has started to hurt the same as back then. Did my injection today, which was for a herniated disc sustained in a car accident back in February, do something bad?

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