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Pain Management

Started by AllFused on 09/23/2018 6:29pm

Greetings Brothers & Sisters,
I'm not new to this, but I recently joined this Community. I'm currently 64 years old, but was involved in a motorcycle accident when I was 30 and had to get L1-L5 fused because of a broken back. I was paralyzed from the waist down due to broken vertebrae in my spinal column which was removed. It took me 6 months to learn how to walk again. I also had severe neck issues where I was dropping coffee cups and had motor issues in my hands for about a year after the accident. My issue today is the Opioid crisis. My current insurance is Kaiser Permanente and I've been with them for six years. I've been on OPANA/Oxymorphone 20mg 4x daily & NORCO 10/325mg 4x daily for 6 years which took care of my pain levels to about a 3. Well, due to the OPIOID crisis, my pain doctor took me off the OPANA/Oxymorphone completely and now take NORCO 5x daily. This DOES NOT even bring my pain levels down to below a six. The new protocol is to go back to old school with lumbar/cervical epidural steroid injection, nerve blocks, facet injections. I went through this over 30 years ago. SO, my question to all is: Even though your pain was controlled by OPIOIDS, has your pain doctor taken you off OR has cut the number of pain MEDS because of new protocols DUE TO THE OPIOID EPIDEMIC ? This makes NO sense because I had my pain levels controlled with the MEDS I was taken for years. After a MRI two weeks ago, it showed I had severe SPINAL STENOSIS in my CERVICAL & LUMBAR areas along with several Bulging Disc's & Facet issues. I would like to start a discussion for PAIN MANAGEMENT & new protocol's due to the OPIOID CRISIS.

Thanks, Bob in Kennesaw, Georgia

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