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How did you know?

Started by Genotiph123 on 10/14/2018 7:39pm

I herniated my L5S1 In January 2018, and two surgeons have said a fusion surgery would benefit me from the pain I am experiencing. However, both warned me I had to think about living with the pain and what I can change in my life to live with the pain. Well right now I have given up all sports, work, and socializing out of the house and hanging out. Because of the pain I feel after. The surgeon told me to go out and see what I pain I can live with and what I can do..... results no sports no weight lifting sometimes no yoga even depending on the class, barely socialize because I’m in pain shortly after starting to hang out and also in pain later after when I get home and lay down. So when did you know you decided to have surgery?

Currently I am not working and go to physio and chiropractor because if I sit for a six hours or stand I have high level of discomfort, sporadic stab of pain, if I shift in my seat I feel a throbbing or pain. But it’s not a constant pain and usually flairs up after I’m done doing things like running errands, as if adrenaline gets me through and when I lay down the pain is harsh. I then need hours of laying down to alleviate pain before I would be able to go out after. For example, I have been trying to test my back to see what my limits are, I recently went out to hang out with friends 4 hours of sitting at dinner I had discomfort and the next day or right after when I get home and laid down I’m in pain. I also went and hung out with friends another night did a little dancing and standing in the act I’m fine but after I suffer.

I wanted some knowledge of your experience of what you were going through before you decided surgery. Were you at a 8-10 pain level everyday all day? I am at a 0-2 on days I lay down all day and only go out for a short errand or cook a meal. On the days I do things social or try to be active I am at 5-7 pain level ...8 after dancing. Ugh!

Any advice is greatly appreciated as I come to the decision of having the surgery or as the surgeon said live with the pain!

Thank you

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Hi, Genotiph123--thank you for your post. You are wise to carefully consider spine surgery--many people approach it like a quick fix without giving it the consideration it deserves.

We don't have a personal experience to share, but when we read your post, we thought you would be very interested in reading our spine surgery blog written by Dr. Anand, a spine surgeon on our Editorial Board. We think you'll especially enjoy this post: ( When is Spine Surgery the Next Right Step? )

Dr. Anand does an excellent job of painting a realistic picture of spine surgery. If you'd like to read more from him, here's a link to all his posts: ( Spine Surgery Advice )

Lastly, we think this is a great resource for anyone considering spine surgery: ( Spine Surgery: Questions to Ask Your Doctor ). Asking good questions before your procedure will help you become confident and informed about whatever decision you make.

We hope this information helps you weigh this very important decision. We wish you the very best!


Before doing a fusion I would ask your doc if u would benefit from a disc replacement, microdiscecromy. How big is your herniation? Is it causing spinal stenosis? Also ask why they are going straight to a fusion and not doing decompression surgery first. I had a huge l4 l5 disc extrusion and my doc did a laminectomy with discectomy and this has helped a lot with the leg pain. Still have back pain but learning how to cope. Good luck to you!