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Burst compression fractures

Started by Sandra Leigh on 10/18/2018 12:13pm

I have burst compression fractures of my L1&2, L4&5, T9,10 &11 & comp fracture of L3. It started with t9 on my honeymoon in Jamaica, Sept 2000. We went cliff jumping. We had to take an air ambulance home, spent a month in hospital and pain has never left. I was 31 with an adorable 3 yr old. I went for a bone density test and found out I have severe Osteoporosis. Then, in Feb 2016, I was kneeling down when I lost my balance, fell back on to the laneway and came right back up again. It was less than a foot that I fell but when I went to hospital 3 days later, delirious from the pain, I found out I had 7 more burst compression fractures. All of my lumbar & T10 & T11. It was shocking. I would like to know, will I always have to live with this unbelievable, relentless pain?

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