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Adult Scoliosis surgery suffering

Started by Marigold on 11/04/2018 1:02pm

I am wondering if there is anyone out there,who has had scoliosis surgery as an adult.I am 62 ,and I just had this surgery 1 year ago.I had a 70 degrees curve in my lumbar and also a curve in the thoracic area if my back.They put in rods,screws,and mesh in my back.They fixed the curve,but my body has not responded well to the horrible stiffness.I do P.T. for my back,but it leaves me with this terrible soreness.My life is not as it was before.By 12 each day if u don't do exercises,the stiffness will keep me from moving.After the exercises,my back just aches and I feel miserable.None if my friends understand,that I can't move like I use to.I can't sit for more than an hour.I am depressed and have anxiety

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