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M6Lumbar disk/ADR/fusion

Started by Art on 12/03/2018 9:16pm

Hi everyone,

I just joined the board.

I have had bad back pain for quite awhile and it has become intractable. In the last seven months. My MRI looks like it is showing multiple disk collapsed at l4/5. I have seen an ortho guy who want to do fusion, which I really do not wan to do.. This week I am seeing two neurosurgeons- one in Charlotte (Dr. Hunter Dwyer) and One at Duke/Raleigh hospital (Dr Peter Grossi) dr. Grossi did my laminectomy in spring 2014 and told me it was a temporary fix and may only last several years.
I know the M6L has had tremendous success in Europe and other countries. From what I am reading from the spinal kinetics website who makes the M6, the FDA has not approved the use of the lumbar ADR system in the US which is crazy.
Has anyone been overseas or had this system installed vs, disc systems in the US or fusion? There is a surgeon in Germany by the name of Dr. Lanf who claims he has had amazing success with the M6 and has done over over 3,000.

Also, anyone have any thought on the neurosurgeons I am seeing in the US or anyone else who is an expert in their field in the US/Europe, etc.

I would really appreciate any information as I need to do something very soon as PT, blocks, etc have all failed.

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