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Started by RahzC on 12/05/2018 5:34am

Yayyy, I had the Medtronic SCS system permanently implanted on November 12,2018. Now 3 wks post-op and just as with the trial, I can honestly say "I have no pain in my backside, inner thigh, legs, or feet! I'm aware this procedure; different for each person may not be a magic pill, or a cure all, however, I feel extremely blessed and great! I'm very excited and beyond satisfied with this system, their representatives, and my surgeon. My 2wk post op follow up appt. consisted of myself, surgeon, and my Medtronic Rep. X-rays were taken, everything looks great and right on schedule. My Medtronic Rep., Surgeon, and myself talked, questions, concerns were addressed, and my systems rep. made minor adjustments to the system to make me even more comfortable.
The only thing I wasn't prepared for, was the extreme post surgery pain and the discomfort (stinging, burning) that I think came from some surgical tape/adhesive pulling. I expressed these concerns at my 2wk followup last week; and both my Surgeon and Medtronics Representative addressed my concerns regarding the intense pain in both back and stomach muscles and I understood completely that these muscles have been somewhat traumatized. I have to stress, the most and only extreme pain I'm experiencing is located in my back muscles, along either side of where the leads incision is placed, and in stomach muscles. The neurostimulator pocket (in my right hip), is a little numb, but other than that, this area feels great. I'm resting, taking it easy. No bending, stretching, reaching overhead, twisting, or quick movements. Still can't sit, stand, lay in one position too long due to muscles still a little inflamed and sore, but getting better. Easy-peasy. Pain meds are at a minimum

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