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What are the chances I'll have to have more surgery?

Started by Wesley Ellis on 12/19/2018 10:29am

I am a 84-year old male in reasonably good health. Had fusion surgery 9 months ago for spinal stenosis, extreme lower back. Since then I've been "under the watchful eye" of my surgeon because of continuing lower bacvk soreness and mild pain, limiting my walking and standing for long. Early X-rays showed possible slight shifting of some of the titanium hardware, but none after that. movement. The surgeon mentioned that further corrective surgery may be necessary, but is waiting to see.

Another factor is urinary incontinence which began prior to surgery and which urologists have been unable to solve. But this contributes to my overall health and pain. Urologist is waiting until after my back issues are resolved before he goes further.

Three months after my last consultation with the surgeon, I'll see him again in January.

What are the chances I'll have to have more surgery? Or will I just have to live with this discomfort for the rest of my life?.

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