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Broken screw and overweight

Started by HollyHasBackProbs on 02/17/2020 1:52pm

I’m 12 years post fusion surgery for L4/5 I think with screws and cage for spandylolithisis (so?). It’s been great for 10 years and now I’ve got back pain and I’m losing feeling in my feet (was numb after surgery but doable). I’ve started to talk to drs. I’ve got a broken screw. The dr focused totally on my weight. I’m obese and the dr says it’s doubtful they’d do surgery like this. Mind you, I don’t want ANY surgery but has anyone had this problem before? I’m working on strength and health (including weight loss and better stamina through daily movement). Am I doomed or is it possible to get rid of this broken screw even though I am over their desired weight (I’ve had other procedures since surgery and they’ve been successful but obviously nothing as extensive as spine surgery). Thanks for any help!!!!

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Did they do your surgery when you were overweight or have you gained weight? I ask because my surgeon denied me surgery because i am also overweight and said the screws would just pull out and break so now I am having to deal with it he suggested shots and I have heard horrible things about those thanks.