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Pars defect + 1st degree spondy, is any one on the same boat?

Started by Abdo salah on 07/23/2020 4:34am

Hi everyone, I wish you are all doing well and could survive soon.

I am 25 male whose life was destroyed 8 months ago. I was a bodybuilder and got broken under 200 kg of dead-lifting.

I was diagnosed with pars defect in L5 with first degree of spondy at L5-S1.

i was in tremendous pain for almost 5 months; My lower back pain was unbearable. i couldn't sit, walk, sleep even under the effect of medication. but, i preferred to be patient and not easily get under the knife.

After that i got some improvements so i finally could walk and set certainly not for too long.

I am a civil engineer but i lost my job because of this injury ,and till now i can't be dare to search a new job in the same career. it requires much bending and supervision which i ca't handle with my current degree of pain.

the only option for me is to shift my career and find a kind of office jobs ( and this isn't a serious problem for me).

my problem is i can't exercise again. i really can't imagine that i no longer can exercise or run again. i can't accept living like a 90 years old man.

I am from Egypt and Doctors here suggested fusion, but frankly i don't feel reassured with that. Spine surgeries don't go well here, and i almost see no fusion survivor here.

Searching online, i found some cases exactly like me from Uk, who had a procedure called buck repair versus fusion and they are completely success now. Unfortunately, i couldn't reach the surgeon. the surgeon was called Prof. John dowell, but i can't get him and almost lost my hope to get that life saver, so i only have the option of fusion now.

Now, my situation is as follows:

I am feeling pain, but not that killing pain. i only have lower back pain not legs pain.

I lost my career as a civil engineer after putting too much effort and expenses throughout 5 years.

I can't exercise or enjoy my life any more, and the only solution to me is fusion, and i am afraid that things can get worse. i am afraid to have nerve pain after surgery or getting my lower back pain worse and worse.

If anyone experienced pars defect or spondy, let me know how can you get out of this curse. I am lost and even thought many time before about suicide.

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After reading your story I just had to respond to you. I read up on the Pars defect as not familiar w/it but I know back pain and have had spinal issues since I was 11 yrs. old and I’m 59 now. I had a spinal fusion at 16 yrs. old due to severe scoliosis after wearing a back brace for many yrs. So I thought I could give you some input as I’ve been through a lot with my back starting at a young age. I understand your concerns about having surgery and a fusion as it’s a big surgery. While it did help me immensely at the time it’s not something I would jump into without exhausting all other avenues to get well.. From what I read about Pars defect, surgery isn’t always necessary for a person to get well. It says medication and rest can help & physical therapy as well. I’m not sure if you tried those yet but you may want to consider them. Also if your case is severe; a cortisone injection could help too. I see an Osteopath & have for yrs. now. They are Drs. who specialize in conditions that affect the muscles, bones and joints. They have a more holistic whole person approach but can be very helpful. It’s another avenue to try if other things aren’t working. Surgery should be your last resort when all else fails. I read that a laminectomy surgery may help you but a Dr. would know for sure if that’d work for you. I’ve had this surgery b4 & it helped me with a pinched nerve in low back. It’s much better than a fusion surgery & the recovery is quicker too. If possible I’d get a 2nd & 3rd opinion about your back b4 doing any type of surgery. If possible see a pain mgmt. Dr. not a surgeon because surgeons generally want to do surgery and the other wants to help take away &/or manage your pain. I’ve been avoiding a huge back surgery for 20 yrs. now so believe me there’s ways to manage you just need to find what works for you & what you feel comfortable doing. As far as exercise, I don’t think you have to give it up forever but maybe for a little while to get well. Plus you may have to be more careful or do less strenuous exercises in the future but your Dr. can tell you that. I know you’re frustrated but don’t lose hope as there’s ways to get better & you’re young and have your whole life ahead of you. So please stay positive if you can & just take it one day at a time & things will get better. We all have set backs & tough times in life & that’s how we grow & learn. So trust that this is one of those times. I wish you well & you will get through this! From Nancee


I was diagnosed in 2009 with Spondy and a unilateral pars fracture. Got the pars from my early days of gymnastics although I had no pain in my teenage years.
I did bodybuilding in my early 20’s then again in my early 40’s. I was a professional in the WNBF. I accidentally dropped a 200lbs TV (tried to catch it) and my back was and has not been the same since...this was 2009. That’s when the pain from leaning over started and was giving me electric shocks in the lower back left area then a mri discovered the old pars on the right side.
Doctor said very common and I just need to brace up and get off the free weights and stick to machines....well I did that a bit then went back to various free weight exercises also...10 years go by with intermittent back pain that gave off shocking sensations etc, nothing that 3 days of rest and ice wouldn’t help....but then one day I leaned over and it was if a knife went straight through, very deep in my lower back and I’ve been out of the gym every since(2years)) 3MRI’s 4
doctors and a CT scan Has proved now that the same pars has now progressed to my vertebrae slipping . The doc in
2009 never told me the spondo could progress to slippage. Now new doc says fusion ! I’m trying to,read anything I can
that’s positive but it’s more negative that]n positive. I asked about Bucks repair and I think I’m to old cause he says go
straight to,fusion since I’ve stuffed tremendous pain these last 2 years. I’m thinking of trying an injection in the pars to see if this helps.. not having a diagnosis until now, I feel that I should try other therapy’s before straight to,fusion.