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Recent back and neck surgery

Started by Sheri76 on 10/24/2020 6:07pm

Hi...new here! A car accident on 9-9, has brought me here. Someone ran a stop sign, and I unfortunately was in the way.
I had a prior L4-5 fusion in 2015, which the vertebrae above blew apart, having to rip out all the old hardware and fusion at L2-5. It also busted C5-6, having fusion from front and back. Broke my wrist, 9 ribs, lacerated my liver, and had a concussion.

I'm 62, and already have osteoporosis, so hoping I fuse well. Using bone stimulators on both areas.

I'm walking well, it's the nerve pain I have in lower back and around sides of hips that slows me down. It's more of a superficial burning pain with a band of numbness in lower back. Wearing the back brace can irritate it more so at times. They said it may take 6-12 months to go away, or maybe never. Has anyone had to deal with this, and what was your outcome?

My neck gets tired and sore easily, notice it more when walking, or sitting if back isn't supported well, so I try and sit well supported, lasting maybe half hour to an hour. The stiff padded collar isn't comfortable. Can bug the heck out of me, so I lay in bed periodically, but can only lay in bed so long. I'm doing home PT, OT, and ST. I have home care 16 hrs a day, but I expect that to be reduced at my next primary care doctors appointment, for I only need help with showering, changing my neck pads, some household chores, and being driven to appointments.

Monday is my first neurologist recheck, hoping to get clearer expectation and explanation of the nerve pain.

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Not sure if you can edit a post, can't see how anywhere but adding to it like this....

My new lumbar fusion is at L1-5, wasn't too clear on that in post above.