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Can hitting the heavy bag damage the spine more?

Started by Dave1984 on 11/28/2020 4:19pm

Bit of background: I'm 36 male. In 2018 I had a 3rd MRI saying I had a minor central disc protrusion at l5-S1,disc bulge in L5-L4,and facet hypotrophy,left lateral recess narrowing in l4-l5 and ligamentum flavum. I had sciatica down my right leg for awhile, but it got better with months of rest,walking,then some core exercises. Recently the sciatica has been returning in my right foot and maybe some weakness. I noticed it returned after starting Uber Eats.(I lost my previous job and trying to do this now). After sitting in the car for awhile,I would get the sciatica down my right foot, which has concerned me.
Before the sciatica started again,I obviously felt better,so I started to hit the heavy bag only jabbing for the most part,that way I would avoid any torsion or twisting at the hips. I did feel a bit of pain in my back after a session,so I decided to stop. I only hit the bag for a few minutes then stop. My question is,can hitting the bag with just jabs cause more damage in the spine? I'm just wondering if this is the cause of my sciatica to return or is it that I am sitting in my car doing deliveries for Uber Eats.
I'm real worried because I have newborn daughter to take care of so I really need to work.
Before I would sit a little longer and not even get sciatica.
Should I get another MRI to make sure.

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