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Microdisectomy Foot Drop

Started by Deedeewhiteside on 01/19/2021 5:37am

Hi I have had ongoing Sciatica for 17 years and slipped a disc in Aug resulting in walking with crutches for 3weeks then with a stick. The pain was under control at about 4 weeks but then noticed I had Foot Drop on my left side. I was very unstable and kept falling over. Dec I had a micro discectomy and was told they could probably sort the leg, buttock and back pain but their were no guarantees they could help with the Foot Drop. 4 weeks after surgery I have minimal improvement in the Foot and havent fallen in 1 week, but I'm still having sciatica pain, pain in foot and back. Just wondered if anyone else is or has been through the same and did they regain use of their foot. I am 48 and retrained to be an Early Years Teacher 2 yrs a go and I am so worried I might not be able to do my job when I have to return to work.

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