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Posted in: Back pain, and Chronic pain.

any ideas what could be wrong?

Started by Typhoon on 02/05/2021 9:38am

Hi, please can i have suggestions to what i may be suffering from so i can print this out and present to pain clinic who only want to keep me on medication that don't work and live out my days in agony in bed and no one listening.
So, i had discectomy laminectomy around 14 years ago-total success (even though one has called it failed back surgery). i had a hard 6 years of getting them to take me seriously and even more of a hard time the last 6 months trying to prove them wrong, they eventually caved in and did an MRI they obviously thought if they gave it to me and they were right they could just get rid of me, i proved them wrong, got the surgery and surgeon said it was a huge chunk he removed. around 5 1/2 years ago the disc above went, kept going every once in a while-no problem, lay down for couple of a days and fine again. December 2017 back went, lay down a couple of days and it wasn't improving, it kind of did but i knew something wasn't right and in june 2018 it finally went, on hands and knees and my spine would not take my weight, i couldn't stand up. all i could do was lay there and ANY movement of any other part of my body hurt my back. i had to crawl in agony and crying 10 feet away to my toilet, let alone having to do the deed, i couldn't stand, walk, hold a cup with drink in it, (alot of the time and still now if i move i get this nerve pain rip straight across my back) couldn't move and had a slight fever.
Doctor agreed with me to try me on prednisolone and i've been on it since june 2018, i could do just about anything apart from sit down and drive. but now either steroids are wearing off or my back has got worse since december 2020 and i'm now in the same situation as before-in bed staring at 4 walls and only going to the toilet.
i had been physio and exercise's made me worse, saw a surgeon who was incredibly rude, told me lose weight, come off steroids and go swimming (how am i supposed to do that when i couldn't move) and was asking do i work, why not, when was the last time you worked! oh and this neurosurgeon, i said bout my feet being numb and he didn't even look up from his desk and said 'i don't what that is' the next surgeon i saw who done my back before said i had fibro which i do not have and was not interested. they won't even give me an up to date MRI to see what damage i have done whilst being on steroids and now i have been passed onto pain clinic who will substitute one pill for another (or two) which i have tried every drug and don't work. i'm at the stage where i'm going to commit suicide as i cannot go back to that pain and 'live' in my bed and now with bilateral sciatica. please, have any of you got any idea of what my problem could be and i will print this out, give it to pain doctor so they must take me seriously. oh and they said about it being muscular, its their favourite saying now, everything is muscular if your on the NHS, they read from a script and think your dumb enough to believe it and go away.
symptoms are;
imagine you've been kicked full force in lower spine or a massive period pain
pain in thighs and stomach, a dull ache
spine unable to hold me weight
can't walk or hold anything
if move, sometimes get a ripping nerve pain across lower back
press the bone in that area it hurts and sometimes the bone either side hurts
bilateral sciatica
tingling in thighs and sides of calves
basically anything a normal person can do, i can't
i believe something could have been done at the time but now my bones ae too weak and that will be their perfect excuse, if i have to pay for an MRI and something is wrong i don't know if i should get a lawyer.
thanks for anyone's help in advance

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